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God really is alive and well PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jane Mullikin   
Friday, 21 May 2010

Anquish abounds upon this planet and the information age instantly brings saga after saga of immense suffering; yet God is continually, quietly working his plan even though it doesn't attract the nightly news.  

As the citizens of Churchman Avenue came together to build community, to support each other, their visions and hopes were expanding. They may have started with one double block in the inner city with intent to make it a neighborly place to live, but their passion and hope carried the concept forward to the surrounding streets.

In the last three years much has happened; great strides have been made. Now the best part--so far--has begun:

Indianapolis- 2010 Millard Fuller Legacy Build

"Millard Fuller was a master at creating excitement around his work, and that tradition continues with the annual Millard Fuller Legacy Build. This year we’re going to the heartland. During the week following Labor Day we will build 10 new houses and rehab up to 20 more in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis, and build another 100 around the world.

"....This project is rich with providential confluences. The land and rehab houses that SEND has donated are on St. Paul and St. Peter Streets—you couldn’t ask for a more fitting site for a Christian ministry to be at work! The Martinez home was a crack house before it was reclaimed. It turns out that Mr. Martinez is actually Pastor Martinez, so The Fuller Center has turned a crack house into a parsonage!

"It doesn’t stop there. A couple of days before the dedication Jeff Cardwell was cleaning up the front yard and tried mightily to pull up a scraggly old rose bush. If Jeff had been wearing leather gloves he might have won the fight, but he wasn’t and bush defended itself well. Later that day Jeff’s wife Cheryl stopped by and realized that this was a house she had lived in for a brief time and she remembered when that rose bush had been planted. She got a trellis and propped it up and by dedication day it was a mass of red blooms.

"That old house and its scraggly rose bush tell our story well. Goodness and beauty do abound, but sometimes houses and rose bushes and families need a nurturing hand and a touch of kindness to be all that they can be."

Jane Mullikin
Spirit - Finding Hope in a World of Uncertainty
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