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It’s Ashamed! (1 viewing)

TOPIC: It’s Ashamed!

jane (Admin)
Posts: 3009
It’s Ashamed! 2012/01/06 13:42  
It’s Ashamed!

I walked into a café, on “Old” route 66

On the West side of Albuquerque,

Pretty much as I have since I went there

Many moons ago, with my parents.

I guess I had a different look on my face

As several of the regulars

Of the Breakfast flock asked

If I was all right.

I had to give it a moment

As I wanted to be truthful and at the same time

Not seem too petty with my personal problems.

Finally, after realizing that more than a few

Were awaiting my answer,

So they could resume chowing down,

I said,

“I think it really sucks

That I’m not getting any younger!”

Well, that brought the house down

And there were even a few chocking sounds.

Now, that I’ve had a chance to review my brilliance,

I still agree with my statement.

It’s just that every time I go there for breakfast

There are always at least some chuckles.

I am glad I can now make people smile

Without saying a word! Wink*


Copyright 2012, Richard Dean Cook
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Blue Skies and Gentle Winds
Richard D. Cook
http://tellingbird.com (Main Gallery)
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