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A Joyful Noise (1 viewing)

TOPIC: A Joyful Noise

jane (Admin)
Posts: 3004
A Joyful Noise 2012/01/24 19:16  
It has been a long time since anyone has enjoyed my singing. That is if never can be classified as a long time. While my singing voice sounds fine to me to others it is no treat. I have been told it is far too high and off key at times and that it sounds strangely soft and raspy as well. Even my speaking voice has been likened to Winnie the Pooh with a cold.

I can remember as a boy in Church when my older brother nudged me so I wouldn’t sing the hymns so loud. In school I was never invited to join the choir or any band. Even when I used to sing lullabies to my children during their baby years I would get puzzled expressions instead of sleepy eyes. And often when I used to sing aloud in the house my dogs would join in and howl the melody. Finally, I decided that it would be best if I only sang aloud when I was alone.

Still I sing. When I am walking outside by myself, I sing. When I am in the shower I belt out a tune or two. When I am driving my car and a great song comes on the radio I join right in. Even when I am mowing the lawn in the Summer and shoveling snow from the drive in the Winter I find myself pouring out all the love and joy in my soul through my voice. Even though it may not be pleasant to others’ ears, it still brings happiness to my heart. After all, God never asked us to make a beautiful noise, only a joyful one.

God doesn’t care about the sound of our voices, the features of our faces, or the cut of our clothes. God only cares about the song in our souls. I pray then that all of you never stop singing yours. I hope that all of you make a joyful noise all the days of your lives here. When you are too shy to sing with your voices then sing with your hearts. Sing with your thoughts. Sing with your feelings. Sing with your actions. Sing with your lives. Make your every moment here a love song that delights Heaven with its sweet music.
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