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The End of Time (as we know it) (1 viewing)

TOPIC: The End of Time (as we know it)

jane (Admin)
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The End of Time (as we know it) 2012/01/29 14:32  
The End of Time (as we know it)

Our talk this day was about
What people have always called the
End of Time.
What they really mean is
The end of humankind.
I asked him whom he thought
Would handle the end best.
“I believe the children will be the better adults”.
I asked why he thought that and he answered,
“Because they are more accepting of the truth
And they are more?
What’s that fifty dollar word
You’re always tossing at me
Whenever you want to show off?”
I smiled.
“You mean ‘resilient’?”
“That’s it!” He smiled back,
Knowing I’d get all puffed up with pride.
“Children tend not to panic as much as grown-ups.
They’re minds are still?
What’s that other ‘big’ word meaning seeking?”
Another smile,
You see, sometimes, I think he thinks I’m
His personal dictionary!
I have to admit, it actually makes me feel
Like I’m finally at the point of joining
The circle of elders.
Mind you, I said, “I think”!
“Grown-ups tend to act more immature
At times of great stress,
Especially if there’s more than a couple
Of them gathered together.”
Next, I asked him
Who he thought would be the best to survive
Such and extinction event.
“Oh, I suppose the same ones
Who’ve survived so many times before.”
I looked at him with a question mark on my face.
“You know,
Most likely earthworms, cockroaches and
Prairie dogs;
Creatures who already survive
Within the earth, not needing to
Come to the surface.”
I knew why he was looking at me
Like I knew the answer already,
Because we’d talked before
On the fossil record,
I’d told him about the oldest ones ever found.
There followed a great silence
Between the two of us and I knew that words
From here on out
Would no longer add life to our conversation.

Copyright 2012, Richard Dean Cook
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
http://tellingbird.com (Main Gallery)
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