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The night peace found me (1 viewing)

TOPIC: The night peace found me

jane (Admin)
Posts: 3009
The night peace found me 2011/12/27 22:59  
My oldest son turned 24 recently. When it comes to the soul, however, time is irrelevant and memory can melt away the years in a second. When I looked at my grown son my mind took me back to one very special time only a few weeks after his birth. I had awakened in the middle of the night after hearing him stir in his cradle. My wife was still recovering from the emergency c-section that was needed when complications occurred during his delivery. Wanting to let her rest, I picked my boy up and slowly walked into the living room.

Taking a bottle with me I sat down in our rocking chair and fed him while I gently rocked us both. His loving, innocent eyes gazed up at me and I smiled down at him. After feeding him and burping him I watched him fall asleep on my shoulder. I continued to rock and looked out the window at the starry, night sky. In that second, time stood still and I felt something I had never felt before: true peace. All the worries of life faded away. Every desire, want, and fear of the future seemed meaningless. All the anger, frustration, hatred, greed, jealousy, envy, and sadness that had plagued me in my life melted away from my heart. All that was left was that moment of perfect peace. All that was left was a feeling of oneness with God carried straight into my soul on the wings of love and joy. I sat there with tears in my eyes, thanking God for my baby boy and for this wondrous feeling of peace.

That special moment started a change in me. Material things soon lost their importance. What I wanted instead was the peace that I had felt in that moment. What I wanted was the joy and oneness with God that went with it. What I wanted was to show everyone how to have it as well. Thankfully, that peace isn’t hard to find. It is waiting for us in every loving choice we make, prayer we pray, and thing we do. May it find you always.
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