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Martinez: A mysterious thing called love (1 viewing)

TOPIC: Martinez: A mysterious thing called love

jane (Admin)
Posts: 3004
Martinez: A mysterious thing called love 2012/01/29 21:54  
What a mysterious thing is love (Holy Spirit)! Nothing is so strong and nothing so gentle. It is death and it is life; it ruthlessly kills all thoughts that do not correspond to its unique thought, all affections that are not fused in its unique flame, all acts that are not the pedestal of its greatness. And when it destroys, it builds; when it kills, it gives life, new life, full and fruitful.

But if love (Holy Spirit) separates, it is in order to unite; if it roots out, it is in order to plant; if it empties it is to fill; if it puts the soul in solitude, it is to bring plenitude. Those who love should be left alone to look at each other without interference, to love without disturbance, to speak without witnesses, to pour out their hearts in isolation, in the most pure and intimate union.

Rev Luis M. Martinez
Late Archbishop of Mexico
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