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Music of the heart (1 viewing)

TOPIC: Music of the heart

jane (Admin)
Posts: 3004
Music of the heart 2012/02/06 19:50  
When my children were babies I spent many hours feeding them, changing them, bathing them, and dressing them. Yet, all of these hours combined are probably still less than the time I spent trying to make them laugh. From tickling toes, to belly blows, to making faces, to weird noises there was no limit to what I would do to hear the sweet sound of laughter coming from their tiny mouths. Their laughter brought such joy to my ears and my soul. It was so musical, so delightful, and so contagious that I found myself joining in every time I heard it. It made me think that this is what Heaven must sound like at times.

I have never understood the fact that as we grow older we tend to laugh less and less when instead we should be trying to laugh more and more. Laughter brings beauty to our faces. It reverses our wrinkles. It exercises our insides. It keeps us young. Laughter clears our thoughts. It wipes out our worries. It reduces our fears. It puts our problems in perspective. Laughter helps our souls to sing. It sets our spirits to soaring. It makes us sound like angels. It helps us to see the world through the eyes of love.

I am going to do my best to keep laughing all of my days here. I am going to keep my mind open for all the joys each day may bring. When my days are done I want my laugh lines deep enough to drive a truck in. When my life here is over I want to hear our Heavenly Father say: "Well lived, well laughed, and well loved!"

A good friend of mine recently sent me a framed saying. It says: "Laughter is the music of the heart." I hope then that you always fill your heart with music. I hope that your days are full of giggles, grins, chuckles, and belly laughs. I hope that you laugh and love your way all through this life and right into Heaven.
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