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Thy Will Be Done in Me

    Champion of my life
    You only do console.

    Take from me a broken heart
    In your name make it whole!

    I hear a voice from deep within
    From the depths it does call

    "My instrument of love you are"
    Bring home to me one and all.

    Namaste I say to whom I adore
    Mold my life -- Thy will be done!

    Only in your love I exist
    You are my world, my sun

    Teach me thy ways, that I may serve
    Your faithful lion will roar

    In gratitude I bow down
    Your cobalt eagle ever soar!

    Cherished Family:

    We cannot serve man and God, too. Christ Jesus has given me so much that I chose Him as my master. In a very uncomfortable moment of introspection, I cried to Him to hold me in His loving arms that I might sleep. I know how unbelievable this is, but I felt Him take me in His arms as a child. He caressed my hair and said everything would be all right.

    I have been very restless and confused as to my worth and purpose in life. What is really strange, as I look through my journals--the answers have always been there. Things like these are very unique, but everyone gets their answers somewhere.

    I have been bountifully blessed though I have a list of health problems a mile long. A few years back God placed my precious spiritual sisters in my path. I'm not saying that I no longer expect problems, precious brothers and sisters. I am saying that in God I will handle them much better.

    Perhaps the most important lesson (or at least one of them) is that we can serve only one master -- The choice is ours if we serve man and a temporary kingdom or the Kingdom of God.

    Bountiful blessings, family, and all of my love to you! I am sure that you, too, will choose to serve God, for there is no master so awesome! Go forward now in love and peace to spread his awesome love and light!

    Until next time,