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Dagmar's Journey

        Oh, little girl with locks so fair
        Were you searching for someone to care?

        Short life of pain, tears and sorrow
        Did you hope for a better tomorrow?

        Did you grow in a hurry just to wed?
        Looking for roses you found thorns instead.

        How much you loved, you gave all of you
        Only to be told you're not good enough too.

        You loved too much, you did it wrong.
        They wounded your spirit and stole your love song.

        Now major illnesses your body has seen
        It doesn't matter, you now have a dream.

        Your body will heal with God's loving grace
        On to help others, who heartaches do face.

        You have journeyed far, in faith and in hope.
        Your love will help others learn how to cope.

        You have now learned love's true meaning.
        Your world now glows, instead of careening,

        Out of control without love and light
        With eagles and angels you now will take flight.

    Cherished Family:

    I would like to present to you all, beloved ones, a story of hope. With all my love, I give you my life!

    Though I was adopted and do not know my family, since I was little I just knew I was Swedish. Though my adoptive mother named me Jeanenne, I will always be Dagmar.

    Mine is a story like many, I am sure, yet unique because it is mine. Dagmar was physically abused by both parents and sexually abused by her father at the age of six. At that tender age, she did not feel a part of this world. She adopted God as her father for only He knew how to love her.

    Soon enough she became a battered wife and suffered continuing physical and emotional abuse. Though that marriage brought two beautiful daughters who are even today her world, her self-esteem never developed.

    Only abusive and hopeless relationships were to follow. Hers was a life that few could bear, yet her love for God made her a survivor.

    In 1991, she was operated on for cervical cancer and in 2005 she had triple-bypass surgery for her failing heart. She is plagued with many major health issues.

    The man she loved left her just before Christmas for another woman because she can no longer earn top dollar--she cannot even work because she cannot handle the stress. The world revolved around her significant other. She supported him for four years though he abused her physically, emotionally and financially for eight long years.

    After the breakup, Dagmar didn't want to live without him and failed at two suicide attempts. Since then, she not only wants to live but heal herself with God's help and she will!

    Now Dagmar has a reason to live--to help others survive heartbreaking and challenging circumstances. She wants to spread God's love (the very force that gives a reason to live).

    Throughout this traumatic life, she can now trace clearly that divine intervention warned her of impending suffering and pain that resulted in disease that could have been avoided had she taken God's advice.

    I thank God for always having been there, even when I ignored Him. He and only He has always loved me as his perfect creation, unconditionally. I forgive and thank Rosario and Raphael for the harsh lessons leading to my fall into the depths of depression, suffering and hopelessness. Now I am free. Nobody can hurt me or belittle me again.

    To you, cherished family, with love, light, joy and hope.