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Child of Light

        Eternal sadness in her eyes shown
        For once again, she was alone.

        Love was always beyond her grasp
        Ghosts did haunt her from the past.

        How to cope with emotions gone wild?
        How to reach the inner child?

        For she loved, she loved too much
        With her world fell out of touch.

        Striving now to heal the pain.
        Her true identity to regain.

        The journey is long, an endless fight
        But she knows she is a child of light.

    Precious Family in Spirit:

    Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Our beautiful world is so out of control that gentleness, complacency and love may seem like horrible faults. Don't let anyone fool you. They are strengths and it takes a very strong person to "stick to their guns"!

    Look at it this way, if loving and kind people are "chumps" in the world's eyes then Jesus was a chump, too. Spring is right around the corner. The time for rebirth and new beginnings. Isn't it a miracle? I have been doing some serious introspection, digging out old skeletons and letting them go. Let's call it "soulful" spring cleaning. It's a difficult, but necessary, task. With heartfelt best wishes, love and light, I leave the following for you to ponder: Love, Light, Peace and Joy! As always, your humble sister in spirit,