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    Nothing In My Way

    My future looks bright or so they say
    I am going to the top with nothing in my way
    My career is finally taking off
    All the long hours do pay

    But I have secret I am afraid to say
    My head has been hurting almost everyday
    I deny it, it's nothing, and I am okay
    Until the doctors told me one spring day

    I have this disorder; it's a kind of decay
    Attacking my brain and causing me pain
    My mind is slowly deteriorating away
    How long I have they cannot say

    My life has changed so much this year
    How much it will change is what I fear
    All the pills I now must take
    Slowing down the dementia is at stake

    My future looked bright or so they said
    I was going to the top with nothing in my way
    Its name is Lewey Body Disorder
    It is the reason I feel like I am going insane

    It is chewing up my memory like a frenzied shark
    It will eventually cause my mind to go dark
    Loosing my memory and especially myself
    I feel so alone like sitting on a shelf

    I have been blessed along the way
    So many too mention and yet
    If I don't tell them now I may forget
    That I love them so much and will be forever in their debt

    Their faces, their smiles, plus all my favorite places
    Are slowly vanishing bit by bit
    One day I will leave my home for who knows where
    I will turn around and no one will be there

    I won't remember a thing and I will be scared
    The pounding in my head is turning me into a ghost
    But not remembering is what bothers me the most
    Please dear God don't let me go to this awful place

    To be somewhere and not remember a face
    To be always be afraid and wanting to cry
    My future looked bright or so they said
    I was going to the top with nothing in my way

    I don't recognize anything the same as before
    Have I told you I love you?
    Have we said our good byes?
    I must tell you over and over again until we both cry

    One day I follow a light into a place
    The spinning has stopped and I am floating in space
    It is beautiful here and there is nothing to fear
    All I feel is the warmth and now all is clear

    My memories have come back
    I am whole once again and completely intact
    Here the pain and confusion are all gone
    I now have the serenity I have wanted for so long

    I close my eyes and it is tears of joy I cry
    For I am finally at peace in a place most high
    My future is bright or so they say
    I am heading to heaven with nothing in my way.

    � Dee Ann E. L. Horvath
    Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

    In collaboration with my remarkable friend Don, who suffers from Lewey Body Disorder. This disease is frequently diagnosed as Alzheimer's.

    LEWYNET from Nottingham Med School

    "To me every person is a novel waiting to be read. Some are better reading than others are but there is always something to be learned. I have always been a creative and artistic individual. Recently I have found writing poetry and short stories to be my passion. I find it is a wonderful fulfilling way to express myself and relieve stress. Best of all it leaves a lasting impression. I have been published on line and in hard copy. I enjoy sharing my works with friends, family and acquaintances, many of which have inspired my writings and have given me the encouragement to realize my potential." -- Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

    Visit Dee Ann E.L. Horvath at Lake Of Dreams