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To Hear It Told

    And to hear it told
    I was nothing but a woman
    A mere child
    A source to breed your child

    When my voice was roaring
    All I heard from you was snoring
    Apparently what I had to say
    Wasn't that important anyway

    There I was lapping up your affection
    That you were nothing more than a communicable infection
    Eating away at all the good in me

    As if I was chained I waited for release
    But you'd have been happy to keep me on my knees
    Like a good little woman who aims to please
    I changed the lock, can't replace your keys

    Not gonna be your misdemeanor, restraining order queen
    No baby momma drama scream till I make a scene
    Little boys not men prey on the strength impaired
    Take a look in my eyes do I appear to be scared?

    Can't stop this force,
    Wont quite MY voice
    The height of my light shall not be towered
    It's not that I'm valiant; you're just a coward

    To hear it told
    I'm every bit a woman
    Strong, beautiful, blessed, and bold.
� Anna C. Richardson 10/03