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The Smile She wore a certain smile; at first glance it was no different than any other smile, yet there was a quality to it that was miles away from most. It had radiance.

And it had depth. This smile spoke volumes about the heart that informed it. It was no "Hello, let's get it over with" smile, or a "Smiling because it's appropriate" gesture. This smile was an intentional blessing: body, mind and spirit were all participants in the event. How did it feel to receive it? Like being washed in gold.

So it was the kind of smile that blesses your day. You walk away knowing there is beneficence present and you've been lucky enough to encounter it. More than that: it was a potent reminder to move out of robot mode, and be authentic.

It was a smile with some aum in it.

It's so simple, really, to make a difference. Be here now, as Ram Daas so often told us. Be here now and things start taking care of themselves. Instead of living from the skin out, try operating out of stillness; let your spiritual guidance arise from within and ease out of your being like a pale breeze carrying honey. Personal growth by way of grace.

Or try something even more subtle than a smile: a silent blessing. I remember some years ago attending a business meeting in which discord was high on the agenda. Communications were shooting out like bullets and scattering willy-nilly around the room. Industrial strength chaos. As a result, no one heard anything, nothing happened.

At one point, out of sheer despair, I decided to try and field the disharmony by surrendering to Spiritual Guidance. With scant hope of any result, I leaned back in my chair and began focusing on the Divine Light that formed each being in each seat around the table. There were several people present, so I was engrossed in this process for quite a while. No one noticed I had stepped back, no one cared: the fireworks were too compelling. So the nonsense went on outside while I did my spiritual work inside. Some time later, I noticed that I had become amazingly calm and steady: and shortly afterwards I turned my attention back to the meeting.

It was a different meeting. The fractiousness had evaporated into I don't know where, and the communication had slowly inched down to a viable pace. Most remarkable of all, simple listening had entered the picture. And since listening makes the whole difference between babble and resolution, all was now well.

I have no idea what the original argument was about (see how trivial these urgent issues are in the long run?). But I do remember that an agreement was reached, and also that everyone left in a cheerful mood.

Now, let me be clear about this: this quiet process of blessing produced no divine revelations, no thunder from heaven -- just cheerfulness. But those of you who have experienced quarrels during meetings will know that cheerfulness is miracle enough for anyone. And yes, it is a spiritual healing. So the next time you find yourself in a group pickle, and are ready to engage in some personal growth, I have two words for you:

Silent Blessing.

� Elsa Joy Bailey
Elsa Joy - A Chapel Without Walls