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Moving, Being Willing, Beside Ourselves
Beca Lewis
We're moving: again-for the sixth time in less than four years. Do we like it? Not much. But, at the same time we find that there is value in looking at our "stuff" so often and asking why we own it.

In our first move together we left town with everything we needed in the back of our truck and went off "seeking home" leaving some "stuff" in storage to pick up later. Now we are leaving home with a trailer hitched to the back and more "stuff" left in another storage.

Our plan was to find the one place that both of us loved, and move there. It would be a fresh start for us since neither one of us would have lived there before. We found the place we were looking for after 3 weeks on the road. But we kept on going thinking there would be lots more choices for us. Not.

Nothing else fit out particular quality list or "called us" in the same way. So after many more trips and a long stop in OH/PA we are heading back to that small town. Del saw it again this summer on another road trip, but I haven't seen it since that first time, and we were only there for 48 hours.

Why move? It's not our physical move that really matters. It is a symbol of something else. It is a symbol that we are more than our past. It is symbol of our willingness to move towards a future that at times feels just like leaping into the dark. But, doing it anyway.

It's a symbol of our willingness to be uncomfortable as we move to something more. It's the symbol of our willingness to give up how one of either of us think it is "supposed" to be which looks like how boxes are packed, the timing, the entire process - but really all these are symbols of being willing to move to the life we were meant to live.

Being willing. Yes, it always turns out to be the First Key to Being Aware of - noticing the Truth - everyone is always and forever living in Grace. Willingness to give up, get, let go, keep - whatever is required.

Saying, "yes" to either letting go or receiving can feel hard when we get into our thinking "stuff" that we are just humans struggling to do this; wondering how we can leave what we love, to move to what we don't know. But, it becomes easier when we shift our thinking and focus on the truth of this move and ourselves.

So when I woke up this morning feeling "beside myself" because of the enormity of the task that seems to be before us, I had to laugh. This is probably a good place to be.

I know that there is much moving going on for all of you, whether it is physical or not doesn't matter. We are there with you in spirit, supporting your "leap into the dark."

As you leave your "stuff" that doesn't work for you and move to the life you were meant to live - if you find yourself beside yourself - look for us, we are on that road too. Perhaps we could share a drink together at the Caf´┐Ż of Grace.

See you there!

Beca and Del


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