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    The War of Temptation

      It was a beautiful day so I decided to walk longer and explore a new way home. The ice had melted on the streets - or so I thought - so I had removed the chains on my shoes (yes, they exist and yes, they work) and was happily striding down a new side street enjoying the view of the lake.

      Suddenly I felt myself falling sideways. I hit the street with a huge thud as I fell directly on my entire side. As soon as I hit the ground I got back up because I knew that it would not be wise to succumb to the belief of falling.

      That was the easy part. Then the war began.

      I knew that if I could hold to a Spiritual Perception that I - in God's image and likeness - had never fallen and not be tempted into believing in what the senses were telling me, the result would be "no result" from the illusion of a fall.

      I imagined how wonderful it would be to have direct "proof" that everything is only thought and to know without doubt that maintaining a Spiritual Perception and letting go of anything unlike Love would immediately dissolve any negative situation.

      "That" which does not want us to know who we are didn't let me alone for a second. It reminded me that I had fallen very hard and was lucky to not have broken something. It told me I would be sore, unable to move my shoulder and hip and the bruising would be extensive. It suggested that I could "use" the injury to get a bit more attention from anyone, anywhere. It would give me something to say to people that they could commiserate with. I could fit in.

      It was a war between what I knew to be true and the temptation to believe the worldview of who I was and what had happened. The barrage of tempting thoughts continued for days.

      The fall was no different than any other event that tempts us to use the negative to achieve a positive, to succumb to something we know is not true just to get a bit of love or attention, to give into the idea of lack in any form, to accept the lie of separateness from Divine Love in whatever way it decides to make its appearance. It is still the same lie. What defeats this lie? Always the same Truth; there is only One and it is Spiritual and we are Its Being.

      The result of the fall was "no result". And no result is what we want from any lie. Let's all resist the temptation to be part of the worldview so that we can fit in. This is not where we want to fit - what we really want is to become aware of and experience Divine Love's infinite Oneness. In this Oneness we always "fit in".

      It's much easier to give up material things and pleasures then it is to give up material worldview thoughts, but imagine the result. We too could rise from the illusion of death in all its forms.

      Shifting with you,

      � Beca Lewis

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      *Article by Beca Lewis author of Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception. Visit The Shift for more original content like this. Reprint permission granted with this footer included.