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How To Attain Enlightenment on the Major Deegan Expressway

    Excerpts from a free e-book for commuters which can be read through as a story, or can be read in no particular order. The book can be read by even the biggest skeptic of "spiritual ways" and accepted as just pure bits of wisdom.

    * * * Cars are like people. The older they get, the more they are prone to mechanical failure.

    * * * If you have ever been part of a carpool and shared the responsibility of driving to work, you realize there are pluses and minuses to this arrangement. For example, while it is good to have company on a routine ride, sometimes people can be annoying, or you want to be by yourself with your own thoughts as company.

    On the spiritual path, we must seek Truth both as an individual and part of humanity.

    The potential for positive experience increases dramatically as the individuals involved are in harmony.

    * * * For the spiritual traveler, the soul is described as traveling upward toward completion. Its stay in this world is one stage in this process.

    Daily, we awake with another opportunity to find fulfillment, live our dreams, and help others.

    It is similar with commuting to work. Daily, we travel to fulfill obligations and take an active part in the world.

    Our success in both endeavors is related to training, natural ability, attitude toward the process, and destiny/or luck.

    * * * In most things, there is a delicate balance. Driving the highway is an example of this.

    Often slight variations in temperature and precipitation can result in delay, accidents, and frustration for thousands.

    * * * We are born to participate in the everyday affairs of the world, yet, keep a part of ourselves detached, and sacred.

    Daily, the highway takes millions to and from their place of business. Yet as we participate in the world and focus our attention on our jobs, another part is in harmony with the Light.

    This is the part which cannot be touched by the world, and is transcendent.

    POTENTIAL TO REACH HIGHER Suppose you were driving along and suddenly found out you could not shift into third gear. Sometimes, the clutch engaged and sometimes it didn't. After awhile, this would begin to affect the way you drove. You would get into the right-hand lane and only pull out into the center when you successfully made the shift. You would become tentative and, at the very least, delayed by this problem.

    On some levels, this is the condition of humanity. We are on a journey, without all the capabilities of the vehicle operating at full potential.

    Without the higher consciousness, our life becomes a potential that is only partially used.

    * * * � Stewart Bitkoff, Ed.D.

    Go to The Deegan Project to download the free e-book.