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Come, Sit by our Fire

Come, sit by our fire
you are welcome here, our friend
toss some tabacco as an offering
in smoke to Creator send
Speak softly or remain silent
watch the smoke rise above the trees
thoughts rise to meet the heavens
songs are carried in the breeze

not one of us is more worthy
than the one that stands beside
each one of us has suffered
every one of us have cried
we have all been lost at sometime
we have needed God so much
we have lost our faith in moments
we have needed someones touch

No one has more power
not one has been more blessed
than the face reflecting in the fire
we have all been put to test
the fire is the center
of all who circle round
side by side we stand together
on the sacred Mother ground
we have times we want to fly away
take our place among the stars
we want a life free of worries
and forget the sorrows scars
we want to walk away
as a lone wolf on our own
we want to crawl away
leave the place we call home

we want to step away
not looking over our shoulder
we want to roll away
down the mountain like a boulder
we want to skip away
like a spirit who is free
we want to pass away
when we are tired of the me

we want to run away
running mile after mile
until it is we remember
someone else's smile
it is then things become clear
and we choose to stay
blessed in our love for another
in the One Voice that we Pray

We than can thank Creator
for our blessings beyond measure
our Love for Him and one another
is our greatest treasure
So come and sit beside our fire
i will call you my good friend
we will sing an honor song
and pray for the suffering to end

In All Things Sacred,
� Tracie, bloodpoet

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