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Blood Poetry

Born from a Spirit
Working very hard
To compensate a mind
Reduced to a shard
A soul that was Cold
From the chill within
A heart that was broken
Only the spirit could spin
Words of a time
Or a place or a being
The body was damaged
Only the spirit was seeing

The words she was weaving
Sighed a first breath
A web she created
Spoke of life and of death
Others joined in
With their thoughts and their pain
Spirits colliding
Like a spiritual rain
It fed and it nurtured
The tiniest of seed
Blood poetry was born
Fulfilling a need

Blood Poetry, she stands
With a voice of her own
A uniting of Spirits
Have found a safe home
She belongs to no one
Such a woman of many
Inhaling from others
Exhaling words plenty
She is a crow and a cougar
A dreaming woman that flies
An evening rain that falls
She hears hidden cries
With a prayer for tomorrow
A sociologist of thought
She robs good visions
heartstrings drawn taut
A faired haired maiden
With hair dark as night
She weaves in the darkness
Than changes with light
She is an Earth Momma
Two dogs run by her side
She is a Chippewa girl
With true native pride
She is a spiritual sister
Of a beautiful crone
A child of worth
To a wolf all alone
She is ever hopeful
In native halo kwass
She is an angel of mercy
Respects the man on the cross
Her relations have served
This country in war time
She is ocean and river
And a mountain to climb
She is the wild wind blowing
The wings on the wind
A proud eagle soaring
With a heart of raven
A strong silent bear
With arms who will hold
Those who are seeking
A sheltered place
Out of the cold
frozen in time
she warms to silver hawk
created in beauty
In All Things is her walk
Her many blessings to you
And to you that you love
With honest words spoken
Created by the spirits above

The One Gods Creation
Know this is true
Blood Poetry breathes
Because blood poetry
Is you


mahsie for the inspiration
giving me the power to write these words
a spiritual sister gifted me
blood poetry's voice was heard
In All things Sacred,

� Tracie, bloodpoet

with music and beautiful graphics
The One God
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