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Something caught your attention
In the corner of your eye
You turned your head to catch it
And glanced up towards the sky

You may think a bird flew past
Or the sunlight played a trick
You may think it was nothing
But shivers don't mean you're sick

You may have felt a tugging
Or a touch on your shoulder
You may have heard a whisper
All at once you grew colder

Or maybe it was nighttime
And you were under cover
Warmth may have come from inside
And touched you like no other

You may call it happenstance
Or an unexplained event
Have you stopped to consider
Feelings that are Spirit sent?

That maybe crossing over
Is not the end of your love
But a brand new beginning
Visiting from up above?

Call to them your guardians
Or call them your spirit friend
Do not ignore the murmur
Or the message that they send

Do you think they will forget
The blessings they held for you?
Trying to communicate
They are telling what is true

Love did not die as they did
They do not forsake you now
Whether an unknown shiver
Or caress upon your brow

� Bloodpoet/2002