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    The Wall

    A Heart was broken
    Seems like a lifetime ago
    Yet, only yesterday

    The pain, once so deep, is dull now
    Only an occasional flashback
    Yet, a wall is still surrounding

    Learning to live alone isn�t easy
    Surrounded by people
    Yet, lonely by choice

    A look, a touch, a kiss
    Sometimes a chip in the wall
    Yet, it firmly stands

    Always looking for a spark
    Not sure where to look
    Yet, afraid to ever close my eyes

    So afraid to ever love again
    Wanting so desperately to find real love
    Yet, this heart may not be able to handle it again

    The wall safely surrounds
    Safe from ever being hurt
    Yet, never allowing love

    Will anyone crack the wall?
    Will I let them?
    Someone please hurry
    Yet, take your time

    I want real love
    Mo more worthless evenings
    No more casual relationships
    Doesn�t anyone want to share the love behind the wall?

    Do you have the strength to break down my barriers?
    Is a chance at our love worth a try?

    Someone please take the chance
    To show me how to love again
    There is a heart, a soul
    Behind the wall� Somewhere

    Help me find it
    Can you?

    Until Walls Come Down, Bridges Cannot be Built

    Years spent reminiscing
    Dreaming of what could have been
    Wishing for what should have been
    Yearning for what might be

    A heart carefully guarded
    By almost impermeable walls
    Relationships gone, feelings hurt, vows discarded
    Those walls of protection served no gain
    Pain flowed through
    Cutting like a knife

    But the inevitable cry of "why"
    Resounding in my mind and tearing at my heart
    Was finally answered

    God met me there, inside my pain
    He gathered what was left of my soul
    In a tight embrace
    And filled it with His Spirit

    My Heavenly Father gave me the strength
    To continue against my own will
    He gave me the hope to believe
    He opened my heart to love again

    My will for my life was not His
    My pain was of my own doing
    He shed light on my life, my ways, my heart

    While I was enveloped by His arms
    I received the message
    He gently picked me up and touched my heart
    "Until the walls come down, bridges cannot be built"

    � 2001 Bryna Blosch
    NASCAR League