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    The Sleepover
    Have you ever had a sleepover before? I have.

    I handed out invitations to my friends and after handing them out, I went home. I decorated the beautiful house. After decorating the whole house, I was tired, but the house looked amazing.

    Then I got ready for the sleepover. After getting ready, I heard the doorbell rang deg, dog, deg, dog and I opened the door. It was Ally and Paige.

    Then I went into the kitchen and got a bowl of popcorn. The doorbell rang again--it was Kandis, Chelsey and Megan. That was all the people I invited for my sleepover.

    We all ate popcorn and watched scary movies. We all had a fantastic sleepover. Then we got to go to the hotel. At the hotel, we went swimming and then we went to sleep.

    That's the end of my sleepover.

    � Bridgette Golden

    Bridgette is nine. She loves to skate up and down her block, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.