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    My Day at School
    Today I had to go to another classroom. I had to go to a class with a teacher named Miss Lacey. She was kind but seemed very mean. As long as I had my friend, Briana, with me, I was fine.

    Briana and I were partners and we had fun together. In the afternoon we went on a field trip to the Lilly Center. I had a great time there. The instructor told us not to do drugs.

    For lunch, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chocolate milk, cheese, an apple and a juice. Then when we got on the bus, Briana and I sang "Mary Mack".

    When we arrived at the school, we went in and got ready to go home. When we got on the bus to go home, the bus driver turned on the music and Briana and I got up and danced. I had had an awesome day when I got off the bus and waved "goodbye".

    � Candice Hodge

    Candice is eight. Candice loves to compete and is always there for the win.