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Do you fight or flow?
Kerry Cannava I recently found out that the company I have been working for the past six years is relocating out of state. Having no intention of moving from Long Island, my stark new reality was that I would be out of a job within a few of months. Big bummer from my point of view, to say the least.

Since I grew up at this company, experiencing many highs and the inevitable lows throughout my career, this was quite a shock to my system. After all, this is the place where I gained a sense of stability in my adult life after my divorce, and now suddenly it was being taken away from me, and I wasn�t quite ready to face it. I was comfortable in this position. I felt a certain sense of financial security. And now I was suddenly being tossed into that rough sea of the unknown, and I wasn�t particularly excited about it.

It is true that "perception is everything." Many people approached me when they learned of my fate, to give me what they thought I needed. "You�ve been screwed girl" and "that sucks" are just a few of the things I was hearing on a regular basis. Heck, I couldn�t agree with them more, in the beginning of this new journey. From a human perspective, it did suck. It sucked big time. It wasn�t fair and it was not just. It was hugely inconvenient, not to mention the thought of going back to a macaroni and cheese diet, didn�t quite appeal to me either.

I floundered in this dark space a few weeks, kicking up the dirt, as I contemplated my fate. Realizing I was only contributing to my "problem" by focusing on the negatives in the situation, I decided I needed to get a hold of myself and start seeing this situation with spiritual eyes.

Intuitively, I already knew deep down that it was the right time to professionally move on from this job. I wasn�t growing anymore. Fear of change, was keeping me at this job and not much else. Not enough years had passed since I was eating macaroni and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and using a cardboard box as a dresser for my underwear, for me to completely lose the fear of being able to take care of myself adequately.

It was initially easier to give into the socially acceptable response to this challenge of losing my job by drowning myself in self-pity, then to let go and let things unfold naturally.

Once I aligned myself with my true feelings...that this was really a positive thing...doors started flying open immediately. The Universe has a way of pushing us along, ready or not, to where we need to be to continue to grow as human and spiritual beings. Change is inevitable. We can go kicking and screaming, or we can go with the flow and embrace the change and trust that God knows what He is doing.

My initial choice to fight the experience only caused negativity and fear to rear their ugly heads in my life experience. However, trusting that a loving Universe was on my side and wants nothing less then the best for me...set me free.

We cannot control outside events like losing a job, but we can choose how we react to the event. Remember-our thoughts are powerful. Don�t say "YES" to anything that you don�t want to manifest in your life. In other words, do not allow negativity to rule your mind unless you want negative experiences and feelings to be dominate in your life. When you choose to get caught up in the "poor me/this sucks" drama, those types of experiences will come to be in your daily life. If you choose to have faith...to swim in the possibilities of the unknown, instead of drowning in the sea of fear, the floodgates will open and you will experience the peace and abundance of God.

Every moment of every day, we get to choose whether to see our life circumstances via a human perspective or via a spiritual perspective. Which eyes do you choose to see with?

Many times the Universe knows before we do that something needs to shift in our lives in order for us to continue to grow and become all that we are meant to be. I encourage you to not judge situations that enter your life that may initially look "negative". There are no accidents, and God truly does want the best possible outcome for you. Therefore, as hard as it may be, it is truly in your best interest to see obstacles and challenges with spiritual eyes and not get bogged down by what you may perceive from a human perspective. Spirit rules.

By the way, I start my new job in a few weeks! And I have no doubt that God�s Divine hand was all over this situation, pushing me to grow. I am living with a grateful and peaceful heart, and am very excited about the new set of endless possibilities that await me on my journey. I hope that you will join with me and start to look at all the experiences in your life, even the so called "negative" ones, with spiritual eyes, and open the doors to the endless possibilities that also await you on your journey.

� Kerry Cannava is the founder and creator of the award-winning web site, Embracing Your Spirit. She lives in Long Island, New York.

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