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The Love of God Replaces Everything if We Accept

    God takes away everything from us if we give ourselves entirely to him, but he gives us something else far better. He deprives us of strength, wisdom and everything that seems to make life worthwhile. But then he gives us his love. And this love burns within us like a supernatural fire. In the world of nature all things have what they need. Every flower has its particular charm, every animal has the right instincts, and indeed, all creatures have their own special fitness for their existence. And so it is in the world of grace: each one of us has a special grace, and this is a reward for all of us who cheerfully accept the state in which God has placed us.

    A soul comes under the influence of God from the moment it turns toward him, and this influence fluctuates according to the extent of the soul's abandonment. The whole business of self-abandonment is only the business of loving, and love achieves everything. Nothing can be denied it. How can our love possibly be rejected? How can the love of God refuse anything to a soul whose every act it controls? And how can a soul which lives for him and him alone refuse him anything? What love desires, love cannot refuse, nor can it want anything that love rejects. God troubles about nothing but our good will. He is quite unconcerned about any other of our qualities or lack of them. All he wants from us is an honest, straightforward, simple submissive and loyal heart. When he finds such a heart, he takes possession of it, controls all its responses, and so uses it that it finds in everything, no matter what, something which is invaluable in its progress to holiness.

    There are, it is true, elements which might pierce a soul and destroy it, but a soul charged with good will can and does defy such irruptions. And if such a soul finds itself on the edge of a precipice, God will snatch it to safety, and, were it to fall, he would seize it and save it. For, after all, suich faults are mere human frailty and are hardly noticed. Besides, God's love can allow the soul to benefit from them. And by subtle and almost imperceptible promptings it persuades the soul to say and do the right thing according to the circumstances in which it finds itself. These promptings are flashes of light from the divine intelligence--a light which illumines every step taken by the soul and so prevents them from going astray, as they so easily might because of their simplicity.

    Suppose these souls make arrangements which could harm them--well, it doesn't matter. Providence will see to it that they come out unscathed. Time and time again people plot against them, but providence comes to their aid, slashes through all the snares and deals with the plotters so that they fall into the traps they have so carefully devised. Under the direction of God these souls seem to do foolish things--but it isn't so. For these things end up by setting them free from all the troubles their enemies had planned for them.

    Jean-Pierre de Caussade

    Abandonment to Divine Providence