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    The meaning of Christmas is Jesus' birthday--not the presents or gifts. Jesus is so caring to us that's why we are on earth. He is testing us, so he knows who's going to heaven or hell.

    His gift is snow. That's why we get snow on Christmas. I really hope you guys don't think that the real meaning of Christmas is the presents and gifts. The real meaning of Christmas is Jesus birthday. He also died on the cross for our sins . I really hope you learned about the real meaning of Christmas, but I don't care about the presents or gifts. I just care about Jesus birthday.

    Some people don't believe in him just because they can't see him. Some parents don't even teach their kids about Jesus. There are some people that don't even go to church or pray. Even if you do pray, don't cuss him out. Other people were born messed up. But who cares what they look like, we like them for who they are or how they were born.

    � Chelsey Mefford

    Chelsey is nine. Chelsey is "Little Miss Sunshine" on our block. In the picture, she is on the left.