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        It is never what you do.
        It is why you did it.
        It is never what you say.
        It is what you communicate.
        It is never where you go.
        It is why you are there.

        It is never what you wear.
        It is why you wear it.
        It is never what you have.
        It is what you use it for.
        It is never what you believe.
        It is what you trust.

        It is never the difficulty of the painting.
        It is the insight of the artist.
        It is never the skill of the music.
        It is the heart of the composer.
        It is never the technique of the prose.
        It is the understanding of the author.

        It is never the historic fact.
        It is the lesson learned.
        It is never the experience.
        It is the wisdom.
        It is never the knowledge.
        It is the understanding.

        It is never the number of friends.
        It is the depth of the relationship.
        It is never the size of the family.
        It is the unity of the home.
        It is never a church.
        It is the Body of Christ.

        For man looks at the outside,
        But God looks at the heart.
        The path a man walks,
        Spawns from his heart.
        You cannot change the heart
        By changing the path.
        But a humbled heart,
        Leads a righteous path.
        For a man can do many things right,
        And never right his own heart.
        Gaining the whole world,
        And losing his own soul.

    Chris Hoyt

    � All Material Copyright and All Rights Reserved by Chris Hoyt
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