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Following in the Steps of Jesus

    Today is Sunday. The start of a new week. A week full of unknown adventures, joys, triumphs and no doubt a few difficulties. Life is like that. We never know what one week will bring.

    For me, I have made the choice to follow Jesus into this next week. I have decided to once again, place my hand into the hand of Jesus, and ask Him to lead me to wherever I need to be.
    I know that I can trust Him, because I have been making that same choice every week for many years.
    I know that Jesus is totally reliable.
    I know that He has given me a whole new dimension to living. Living with Jesus as my leader, and I following in His footsteps, has given me immeasurable peace and joy.
    Jesus has helped me to endure pain and difficulties which I am completely sure I would have been unable to do on my own. I know that. It is a fact. Jesus has given me His Life, and that is Real Life.

    I encourage you, too, to make that choice today. Jesus is ready to show you that path to Real Life too.
    He is waiting for you to place your hand into His amazing hand.
    He will never let you go.
    He will never disappoint you.
    There will still be worries and difficulties, triumphs and joys. But with Jesus showing you His way to respond at each step of the journey, you will find a peace like nothing else.
    Jesus will become your very best friend. A friend who lives in your Heart.

    Speak to Jesus. "Jesus, I would truly love to be able to live my life following your incredible example. I am asking you now to please take my hand. I reach out and am offering my hand to you, Jesus, to grasp. I believe you will never let me go. You will show me the True Way to live. Please lead me into the right path to follow this week and every week for the rest of my life. Thank you for taking my hand and for all that You will show me. I am excited at how my life will change, as you lead me into a whole New Life. Amen".

    Please leave me a comment if you have decided to follow Jesus' perfect example. It will be the best decision you will ever make in all your life! Now that's a guarantee!

    � 2004 Christine M. Jones

    Droplets from Life

    Christine Jones is married to David. She has two adult children and precious grandchildren. She has worked for many years as a school teacher/librarian, and written children's material for several years in her 'spare time'. She loves nature, music and the theatre.

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