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I'm Changing - Like Yeast!

    The change process begins when we invite the True Seed of the Divine to dwell within. The Seed of God plants itself into the human soul, and enables the soul to grow so that we become more wholesome, loving and caring people. It connects us forever with Divine Love, which will never, ever die. The Seed within will grow, and all we need to do is co-operate with the change which occurs. All seeds take time to grow. They change, and alter shape, and gradually, through enduring many metamorphosis, eventually become a plant, a flower, or a tree.

    The seeds in nature show us the way in which the Seed of God will grow and change us. Nature tells us wonderful truths about God and his character, and the way he works. When I look at nature, I am looking at something created in the Divine image, just as I am.

    But the Seed within will change me slowly and many times imperceptibly. You may be already aware of ways in which God is wanting you to grow and change. You may sense a warm tugging of your Heart. This is Spirit speaking. Listen to your Heart. Your Heart will tell what Spirit has to say.

    I like to think of a the True Seed within me as like the few grains of yeast I throw into the dough when I am making bread. After mixing and churning and fully combining the yeast through the dough mixture, I then place the lump of dough into the dish. I set it in a warm, draught-free place. I do not knock it or disturb it. I leave it alone. A little later I will check on the lump of dough, and see no change. I check again - still nothing different. But after quite a while, I begin to observe that the lump is changing shape! It is rising! It is growing! It is becoming ready to form into a loaf of bread! When it has fully grown, I can then cook it, and that useless lump of dough has transformed itself into a magnificent, delicious, yummy loaf of hot, steaming bread! The aroma is just so good! Metamorphosis has occurred - all I needed to do was to place the dough into the right environment. The yeast seeds did their own work.

    It is the same for us all. Once the True Seed of God is planted within, allow it to penetrate all through your being, just like I mixed the yeast thoroughly through the dough. Then place yourself in the right environment for growth to occur! This is absolutely vital to the process. Once that is done, then leave the work for God to do, in his way, and in his time. After some time you will feel changes within. Others will begin to see you changing too, little by little. Eventually you will reach your full Divine potential.

    I like to tell my husband at times "I'm having a quiet day today. I am simply yeasting". He knows exactly what I am saying. I am deliberately taking time out from my week to allow God to work in my life. I may pray, read, meditate, but always I listen. I listen to my Heart. I listen to what the Spirit within is saying. I listen as 'deep runs to deep' - this Divine Spirit communicating with my Heart.

    I encourage us all to set aside time for 'yeasting'. It is a wonderfully integrating and powerful experience. It enables me to realize again that I am also part of God's image, and part of humanity, part of nature itself. It gives me significance! Divine Significance!

    � 2004 Christine M. Jones

    Droplets from Life

    Christine Jones is married to David. She has two adult children and precious grandchildren. She has worked for many years as a school teacher/librarian, and written children's material for several years in her 'spare time'. She loves nature, music and the theatre.

    John Mark Ministries