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Finding God at the Dentist

    I find that as I focus my thoughts towards Jesus during the day, even the dull and routine become opportunities to receive God's Grace and to learn to understand more of his ways.

    I have been undergoing dental work for several weeks now, and over this time I have pondered upon what I can learn about my God. In many ways I dread going to the dentist, so I began to challenge that negative thinking. Why am I not grateful that I am able to access this healing and life-giving opportunity? Would I REALLY like to just leave my teeth to ache and rot away in my head? Am I happy at the prospect of not being able to ever chew my food again? All of these questions enabled me to begin a time of thankfulness during these dental sessions.

    I remembered that my attitude to the dentist is very similar to attitudes to God. I may be aware that I have an 'issue' which needs healing, but sometimes I procrastinate, telling myself that this problem will go away, or that at least it won't get any worse. But deep down I know that unless and until I come with my problem and ask God to work on it, this situation in my life will not get any better, and could ultimately reach a stage where my whole life is ruined. If I ignore my soul and spirit and attitudinal needs, they will gnaw away just like toothache, and bring rot and ruin to my life. All this time God is available, just as my dentist is, if I will simply accept that I need help, and present myself to the Creator of all healing and all good.

    Once I bring the situation to my Healer, I must then relinquish all my own knowledge, powers and will into those healing hands. As I was lying back in the dentist's chair, the sense of utter powerless, and complete dependence on my dentist overflowed me. I think that is one of the main reasons many I do not enjoy dental visits. I am wide awake, yet absolutely and totally out of any control. As I lay back and open my mouth, the dentist is able to work his craft. With my Soul Healer, I must lay my whole life open too, and allow this Person to also weave the pattern which is best for me. Just as I have no idea of what the dentist is doing, God works in the ways which are best, yet unknown to me, and I have no idea with God either, just how long all this work will take, or quite what it will involve. It requires strong, unwavering trust.

    Having been to the dentist on several occasions, I now have an idea of the procedure - the injection (which hurts!), then a strange numbing, then I have to be totally obedient to his requests. When he asks me to rinse, I must rinse. When I'm asked to open wider, I must oblige, etc. I have no idea of what he is doing, though, unless he tells me. Now some dentists will tell you ahead what is to happen next, but others are the silent type who just work their magic in complete concentration. My dentist does a bit of both, sometimes silent, and at other times explaining what is happening.

    Soul healing is the same. The first time is a total unknown (like a child's first visit to the dentist), but after coming to God for healing, and being willing to go through the process, I now have some idea of how my soul will be healed. I know there will be some pain. There will be a sense of numbing, of not-knowing what God is doing. At times there will be clues which will help me understand the process, whilst at other times I will not have any idea what my Healer is about. This requires a total surrender of my will, a complete freeing of my mind, and a physical aspect too, where I will continually remain in the right environment for Him to work.

    Once my dental work was completed at each visit, there would be another appointment made for more restorative work. With soul healing too, it takes time. It may take much longer, in fact than a few weeks at the dentist. God can work to a certain stage, and then comes some consolidation on that healing before some more restoration will be attempted. God knows that right time, and the spaces needed in between. So I need to keep listening to the Spirit, and ready to attend to this soul need just as God directs me.

    After the visit to the dentist, my mouth still feels numb, and only gradually will I be able to be aware of what has been accomplished in my mouth. I have to refrain from eating and drinking for a time, and I may have some ongoing pain for several days afterwards. I may have to be careful to eat only soft foods for a few days, too. It's like that with my Divine Healer too. After some healing in my soul, initially I am not really aware of what has happened. I usually take a little time to notice the change. But then gradually I begin to see a difference in my thinking, or my attitude, or my relationships. I am always a bit 'wobbly' in that area for a while too, and can easily become 'unstuck' again for a time. But then I become stronger and more resilient to the triggers that would once have brought me unstuck, and it is then that I really know that the Healer has restored my soul.

    We all have soul hurts, and soul damage. I am not alone. Jesus is an amazing Healer, and just longs to restore each and every one of us. Jesus has healing available, and he is waiting and ready to attend to your needs, and mine. May I encourage us all to place ourselves in the hands of Jesus, and allow him to rebuild, reshape, remake, restore, or realign, all that is within us, so that we all may enjoy total peace of heart, mind and soul.

    © 2004 Christine M. Jones

    Droplets from Life
    I would love to hear your responses, comments or input in any way. Please contact me at: christinesdroplets@yahoo.com.au

    Christine Jones is married to David. She has two adult children and precious grandchildren. She has worked for many years as a school teacher/librarian, and written children's material for several years in her 'spare time'. She loves nature, music and the theatre.

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