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The Treasure of Trust

    Recently we drove up to our beautiful nearby mountains. We enjoyed a picnic lunch right in the heart of a majestic forest, where mountain ash trees stand elegantly, hundreds of feet tall. Ferns grow lush and verdant, and a stream twists its magical way to a wonderful waterfall. It is a peaceful and tranquil environment ~ untouched by humans and all very old and wild. It is one of my favorite places and we visit there frequently. Standing in the ancient forest, breathing in the wafting aroma of the eucalyptus leaves, damp from recent rain, I find a serene haven where I also meet God.

    Amongst the forest branches live many wild birds ~ bellbirds, magpies, kookaburas, rosellas, wrens, and even the magnificent lyrebirds. They are timid creatures, unused to human intrusion, and I like that. I like to hear them calling to one another, feeling safe and secure in their own unique habitat. We always remain totally silent, so that we do not frighten them.

    After our quiet lunch, a young girl could be seen standing totally still, like a tree. She held in her hand some sunflower seeds ~ the favorite food of the rosellas who dwell in this place. We watched her stand, motionless and quiet, patiently waiting. After some time a crimson rosella flew cautiously over to a nearby tree, and perched nervously on its branches. The young girl remained calm, quiet, not flinching. Several more rosellas joined the first one, in nearby trees. Gradually they edged closer. One suddenly flew down to the ground just near the young girl. She continued her silent waiting.

    All at once one of these birds, glorious in its red and blue costume of feathers, came and landed on the girl's arm. The bird gradually crept towards the food, always alert, ready to fly away at the least noise. Then, just as we were about to look away, this gift from the forest began to feed from the young girl's hand. He became quite relaxed, munching the seed, and spitting out the outer husks with free abandonment. The girl was totally entranced! We were just as delighted as she appeared. This wonderful gift of trust ~ of this gorgeous, bright wild bird, trusting her enough to come and feed from her hand, and linger there for several moments, was indeed something very special.

    I was reminded of how precious the gift of trust really is. God longs for us to trust him. He longs for us to come and feed on Jesus, the Bread of Life. God will not intrude, however. God will not frighten us. God will not let us down by suddenly moving just when we feel confident enough to begin to approach him. No, God is always waiting for us, in the silence, standing still, so we need never be afraid. God will always have good things in store for those who come to him. He promises that.

    Today, reach out in trust to Jesus. He will never disappoint us. He will wait for us for as long as it takes. He will wait for our whole life, if needed. God is never in a hurry, but he does long for us to come to him. He is also absolutely delighted, entranced, and filled with deep joy when we make those first faltering steps to rest upon his arm. Just as the pretty young girl, was thrilled, even more will Jesus be when we begin to feed on him and then become more relaxed as we realize just how safe we are. Those of us who were watching this whole experience, were also filled with joy and delight. So it is with the angels. When the angelic throngs in Heaven see one of us come to rest on God and trust him with our lives, the Bible says that all the angels in Heaven and on earth sing with joy.

    I want to encourage us all to come to God today. Trust him. Feed on that wonderful nourishment he has in store for each one of us. For he knows every need we have ~ our true, deepest needs. God promises to supply these to all those who come to him.

    � 2005 Christine M. Jones

    Droplets from Life
    I would love to hear your responses, comments or input in any way. Please contact me at: christinesdroplets@yahoo.com.au

    Christine Jones is married to David. She has two adult children and precious grandchildren. She has worked for many years as a school teacher/librarian, and written children's material for several years in her 'spare time'. She loves nature, music and the theatre.

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