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Love Affair of a Lifetime

    God has called me to the greatest love affair of my dreams. God has promised that he will ALWAYS be available to me, no matter what time of day or night. He never falls asleep: never travels away on business: never is in a hurry. He has all the time in the world ~ just to spend with me!

    I love to imagine meeting with God over a quiet meal, candle glowing, lights dimmed so that all else fades away into insignificance. Soft music wafts in the background. I bring this picture into my mind, and my imagination, and then it wells up into my heart, mind, soul and spirit. I realize all over again just how much he loves me. Just ME! He would die for me (well, actually, Jesus did!). He wants to listen to every word I say, and every feeling I am going through. He listens to the tiniest details of my day, with rapt attention.

    But more amazingly, I want to listen to every word my Lover says to me. I give him my full attention, watching his face and his every gesture. I see him smiling at me, with total acceptance. He is not looking just at my body. He is gazing adoringly into my eyes and through to my soul. God himself is gazing upon my heart, and he accepts every part of me. More than that, God LOVES every part of me! God tells me that his plans for me are all good, and hope-filled. He has treasures ahead waiting for me to find. He assures me that we shall walk the road of life together, hand in hand, so that I will always have support, and encouragement, or a shoulder to cry on when I need that. He assures me that when the road becomes too tough for me, he is even willing to carry me!

    This incredible Intimate One whispers in my ear that he is mine, and that I am his. We will never be apart again, unless I choose to leave him. That would break his heart, but his love is not a controlling love ~ it is a free gift offered to me. God also tells me that if I leave him, he will never forget about me. He will never abandon my cause or give up on me. He assures me too, that he will remain totally faithful to me until I return, and will be just waiting there, smiling, ready to welcome me back to his arms. There will be no difficult questions or arguments about what I've done or where I've been when I do return to him ~ just forgiveness and his free offer of unconditional love right back again just like it was before.

    When I am loved like THAT, I don't ever want to leave. I want to spend eternity with this God. He even offers me that! He offers to be with me for evermore. He already has a place in mind, a heaven made just perfectly for me, with a wonderful table of celebratory food waiting for me to dine at. God tells me that this wonderful party meal will be FAR tastier, and much more intimate than the dinner for two we are sharing right now.

    When I am loved like that, I WANT to be just what he would like me to be. If this Lover preferred one behavior to another, I would simply WANT to behave in the way which pleased him. This is rather like on a human romantic level, when we discover that our new lover hates us wearing green, or hates eating spinach, or whatever, we naturally adjust what we wear or what we eat to please that person. So it is with God. When I have this intimate relationship with God, I easily CHOOSE to live, and behave as I know would please him. He places no rules or regulations on me, but out of love I want to live as a beautiful bride would for a new husband. The more I discover of my Intimate Lover's personal preferences, the more I wish to adjust my life to be at one with him.

    This wonderful Lover is also offering you, and each one of us, this personal love relationship. For each one of us many aspects will be the same, but as each of us travels a different journey, so we will all learn different truths about the Love of our life. Some of us will need to be carried more, because of the rough journey we are on, so we will grow to understand more of his strength, and strong yet tender arms. Others will take a varied route, and learn little gems here and there that others may never know about! What a great offer is this? Let's allow ourselves to be loved in this intimate, never-ending relationship. All we have to do is reach out with openness, honesty and a sincere desire deep within us, and ask God to come into our hearts and love us like we have never been loved before.

    I'd love you to also enjoy this fantastic love-affair!

    � 2005 Christine M. Jones

    Droplets from Life
    I would love to hear your responses, comments or input in any way. Please contact me at: christinesdroplets@yahoo.com.au

    Christine Jones is married to David. She has two adult children and precious grandchildren. She has worked for many years as a school teacher/librarian, and written children's material for several years in her 'spare time'. She loves nature, music and the theatre.

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