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God Cares!
Did you realize that at all times:

  • GOD CARES FOR US! God provides for us every day of our lives. When we awake each morning, a new day has arrived, and with this gift, God is providing for each of us a fresh opportunity to live better, to act more patiently and justly, and to alter our attitudes just a little bit more in line with what God would want for us. God provides the night - so that we may rest from all our activities, reflect upon our achievements and our failures, and ask forgiveness so that we may then sleep comfortably. This provision of quiet, darkened hours, allows our bodies, minds, and souls to renew ready for the next day. When we wake the next day, there will be the light again, and another day to do things even better than the day before. This is just one way in which God cares for us. There are countless others ~ the ability to think and bodies usually able to work at something profitable, mountains and trees, seasides and sunsets to feed our souls, friends and always new potential friends we are waiting to meet, ideas to inspire us, and hearts to warm. These are just a few of God's wonderful provisions available to us all.
  • GOD CARES OVER US! Every moment throughout our entire lives, God is hovering in the background, watching over us with love and compassion. God observed when we were conceived, and he watched us developing every day in our mother's womb. God cooed softly as he gentled us asleep in our cots, and he laughed with delight at our first smile and our first steps. God gave us strength as we faced our first day at school, he observed our hesitancy as we began higher education, and he anguished with us over each lost love. God is watching over me as I write this now, and also for you as you read it. God is over all and in all. Nothing escapes his eye, or his heart! Go through today being assured that God is caring over us all in all we do. Not just today though, everyday of our lives!
  • GOD CARES AROUND US! Do we always realize that God has gone ahead of us and prepared a way for us through every day of our lives? God helps us to avoid death by a millisecond in a car crash which we may or may not have even been aware of! God sees that we are in a hurry, so he provides us a car space in the busiest shopping centre. God protects our environment in every way that he can, so that it is healthy for us, and provides adequately for all. (What a shame we humans have messed God's perfect world up!). God makes sure t there is one shady tree available at the scorching beach where we can sit - if we really want and need shade. God has assigned each of us a host of angels to protect us all around! God supports us from the underneath, at the sides, over our heads, behind us and goes ahead of us. God totally encompasses each of us just because he cares so much about our earthly situation. God is protecting us from lurking dangers every single day, many of which we do not even know about.
  • GOD CARES ABOUT US! When we take ourselves out of God's way, and live in a manner that is dangerous to our lives, health, well-being, our souls, God's heart is broken! God cares SO MUCH about us, that when we become sick due to not looking after the bodies he has so tenderly watched over and protected all our lives, God is grief-stricken! God has every emotion just like us, so when we go out and drive recklessly, or we begin a relationship with an obviously wrong kind of character (which we are fully aware of but rebelliously go ahead with anyway), then God weeps! He agonizes about what to do with us! God cares about us desperately when our best mate, or our child, spouse, or lover dies. God cares about us as we lie gravely ill in hospital, and he is also at the same time caring about and supporting the loved ones who sit by helplessly and watch at this time. God cares about our suffering when we have nothing to eat. He hates it when we are abused or hit or lied to or damaged emotionally by other thoughtless human beings! He cares with anguish and wrings his hands when authority figures in our lives take advantage of us, and when world powers and country leaders make rigorous and cruel laws which are going to cause national or world-wide heartbreak! God never wanted it this way! NO, NO, NO. God cares about EVERY human life, unborn and born, and in every nation on earth. He desires the very best for all of us! Because he has traveled every moment of our days with us, we are, each one of us very special to him.
  • GOD CARES WITH US! What worries us, worries God! When we are in pain so is he. When our lover dumps us and our heart is shattered, so is God's heart. Often we do not grasp this concept that God actually SHARES IN our sufferings. God is no passive onlooker while we battle life out. God is an active, thinking, feeling Spirit-person. That is why we have emotions - because we have been made in God's image. God cares with us in every circumstance of our lives. When we fall in love after years of being single, God shares in our joy, excitement and exhilaration. As we nervously sit in the examination room, God is nervously sitting there too, dropping 'God-thoughts' into our minds so that a new idea will suddenly spring into our minds to spur us on with the next part of the test. As we endure years and years of infertility, God also goes through that monthly roller-coaster ride with us. God shares every single pain, and disappointment that we face.
  • GOD CARES THROUGH US! In life, situations come for which we humans have no answers, and the reasons are not clear. Some national and international problems have clearly seen reasons, but are too complex for even one united generation of mankind to solve. Suffering happens to all of us - good, kind-hearted people, and we are perplexed and can become bewildered. Often we ask God "Why did this happen?", when the question really for us to ask is "How can we personally help?". God wants us to join with him in the task of caring for the world. Consequently situations will arise to help us to see our personal and worldwide task of being a co-worker with God. As we realize all that God has done for us, over us, around us, about us and with us, we find welling up within a gratitude that needs an outlet. Our own gratitude for all God has done is the channel he uses to inspire us to reach out and care for our own needy world. God longs for us to be grateful, open, wide channels ~ always looking for ways to show God's care to others. It might be a casserole to that lonely widower down our street, or a specific prayertime offered for our church, or employers. God's care might flow through us to enable us to give money to needy people: to work towards justice in our city: to creatively promote the care of the environment. God may inspire us to care through standing up for the cause of hurting children: encouraging political leaders to lead in ways which are noble and good for all people. There are countless ways in which we can support God in his work of caring for the world, and it is his plan and desire that each of us take on this task with all generosity and goodwill.

    We each have so much to be thankful for. Never again doubt it for one moment: GOD CARES!

    � 2005 Christine M. Jones

    Droplets from Life
    I would love to hear your responses, comments or input in any way. Please contact me at: christinesdroplets@yahoo.com.au

    Christine Jones is married to David. She has two adult children and precious grandchildren. She has worked for many years as a school teacher/librarian, and written children's material for several years in her 'spare time'. She loves nature, music and the theatre.

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