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Canal-Building with God

    In order to learn and hear from the Lord, it is much easier for me when I spend time alone in nature, with His own created beauty. The natural environment allows God the opportunity to speak directly to my heart and show me things about His Glorious Self, and about His desires for me. For me it is such privilege; such honor. Time with the Lord is my BEST time spent.

    I have just returned from a week by the sea. As we arrived by plane, and flew down over the whole shoreline, I could see the ocean stretching far over into the horizon one way, but then suddenly ending. White lines along the shoreline, which as we flew lower were of course the rolling surfwaves, rolled on to narrow white sand strips, and then from there tiny ribbons of bright blue made an intricate and delicate design in amongst the house-tops, and they all combined in various ways and patterns to form together at a number of outlet points which opened into the sea. From above there appeared to be more blue weaving in and out than land at many places! These 'blue ribbons' were man made canals which met and combined with rivers which in turn flowed into estuaries which eventually opened out into the ocean. It was a magnificent sight!

    During the week I sat on the beach and I watched the sun glistening over the endless horizon of water, gently rolling eventually onto golden sandy beaches. I saw many deep estuaries where the ocean water flowed deep into the landscape, eventually becoming rivers. From these rivers I noticed literally hundreds, maybe more, of deep canals which had been dredged out from the former silty sand soil type there, and I was amazed at the literally thousands of magnificent homes which now face the water in some way, or have water access for their boats, all harboured at safe marinas. Restaurants with stunning views of the water all hours of the day and night abounded there, along with boutiques, and eateries of all sorts. It was literally a water playground ~ designed by God, but then accessed to the maximum by the folk who have developed that piece of coastline. It is known as the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

    The development there is still continuing. We drove to a new estate called Varsity Lakes where we watched enormous dredging machines lifting huge volumes of murky soil, digging and shoring up the edges to make new canals which will one day be connected up to existing water-ways, where more new grand housing is already being sold! I could purchase a house there now off the plan if I had the money and the desire!

    I pondered with the Lord about all this, and I realised afresh just how vast is His love for me, and for all of us. His love is like the ocean, boundless, full of goodness, and always coming to me like waves, rolling fresh upon my life every moment of my days and of my nights. (I could also see that this meant that God's love comes to me in every moment of my sunny, happy, fulfilled times in life, but just as regularly in my lonely, difficult, isolated and stressful times in my life).

    God's love also comes into our lives in estuaries, or in areas of our nature where it is easy for his love to show. Our natural God made nature, has some qualities which are more adaptable, and more available for God's love to penetrate. God told me that there were some areas which I had already yielded over many years ago to him for His love to fill, and now the course of His love was flowing freely there.

    But then there were the canals to be looked at. These represent the hard, difficult and laborious work which I must take a large part in, to allow God's love to fill. Some of these are areas of sludge in my life, the areas of unholiness, impurity, and unwholesome desires and of unloveliness to God. Others of these areas are not bad in themselves, and may in fact look very pretty and attractive to me and to others, but they are not what will show God's love in the best way. Some canals have been already been built in my life, I know. But there are many more still to be developed. I need to co-operate with the Lord in the area of canal-building, so that more and more of the sea of God's love can flow into and around the crevices of my life. I must be willing to dig out all, and everything ~any attachment, friendship, possession, career, desire, or plan ~ so that God's love can flow and course its way through and around my life to the intricate and delicate plan which He has designed. I must be at all times prepared to move ANYTHING which would block the path of His love from shining in my life.

    I am so fully aware of how magnificent the sea of God's love is, and of what a poor model of that I am, and I struggle to think I could ever be of any use to God. I know my own weaknesses; I know all my own failings. I feel so much like King David who tells in the Psalms of his own knowledge of his personal sinfulness. I know that my life is a muddy little puddle in comparison to the ocean of the love of God.

    But yet my desire is there. My desire is to be a person who truly does reflect God's love in a clear, transparent way. It is what I want more than life or breathing. The encouragement which keeps me on track is that this is exactly what God wants ~ not perfection, but motivation. If my desire is to grow to be more full of God's love, then God himself at that point knows that He has the opportunity to work with me to help me accomplish that. It is a lifelong work, the task of giving over my self-will again and again into the hands of God for Him to use me and fill me with His love. Canal-building is long, hard, labarious work. The machinery is heavy, and it's dirty work, too. So it is in my life. Digging out whatever God wants gone is never easy. This is sacrifice. This is costly. This takes time. This does not look pretty. But the rewards ~ they are eternal.

    I talked much about these areas with the Lord, and we looked at good work done as well as work still to go. But more than ever the Lord showed me that His plan for my life is for it to be a place where people can come and see God's love; a life where when people 'eat from my life' they will find God's love; a life where when people live day to day with me in the nitty gritty of living they will experience God's love in word and in deed; a life from which people may find all that they need to help them launch themselves onto the sea of God's love. My desire is to be a life where I may be able to clothe folk with God's love ~ in whatever way that may mean. It may be physical clothes, or shelter, or comfort, or emotional support, or guidance, or prayer. God wants me, my will, my desires, my heart, my everything. That is what he has, because He has given everything on earth and in heaven to me.

    © 2005 Christine M. Jones

    Droplets from Life
    I would love to hear your responses, comments or input in any way. Please contact me at: christinesdroplets@yahoo.com.au

    Christine Jones is married to David. She has two adult children and precious grandchildren. She has worked for many years as a school teacher/librarian, and written children's material for several years in her 'spare time'. She loves nature, music and the theatre.

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