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Let Us Unite In Our Strengths

    God is complete light - in Him there is no darkness at all. God is pure light, so I like to think of God rather like a magnificent prism, a diamond, or a crystal. As you display a prism to the light, literally thousands of colors radiate from it, depending on how it turns and the position from which a person gazes upon it. I think of a newly-engaged young lady, gazing at her diamond engagement ring with all its various facets, and the entrancement of that light. Just as you think you know what color it is from any angle, the color changes to another equally beautiful, yet quite different shade.

    I like to think of the Church as a group of people all gathered around the prism, all gazing at the same time, but all from different angles. Each person (or group of people) will see a different light refracted depending on the angle from which they view the beauty. From one angle it may be blue, from another it will flash with gold, yet another crimson, etc. However we are all adoring that SAME light, refracted differently. So it is with the Church. Each indiviual follower of Jesus will 'see' the light a little differently. And just when we think we 'know' that colour, it will change!

    Likewise with the arms of the Christian church. We are all looking from a different position around the prism of light. We may all see a different shade, quite brilliantly in fact. However all of us is right depending on our stance (tradition, upbringing, cultural aspects, age, experience, etc). Yet all of us are only partly right. 'No-one has seen the Father', and none of us will ever see 'all' of God or know all about God, for we all 'see in part, dimly' as Paul says. If we could get over arguing about the colour WE can see (which may change given time any way!), and each come together to share all the aspects of the shades of light, then a truly incredible diversity of colour would be clearly apparent to us all, enriching us all in our understanding. It would also ADD to our adoration of the awesomeness of God, not detract from it!

    Fear is our major stumbling block, I believe. We feel threatened if someone even suggests that God may be perceived as a little differently from ourselves, so it is very easy to label them 'wrong'. If we also never move from our own spot, to view the prism from another angle, or not stay focussed upon the 'diamond' long enough to see it change shades, then we may in fact truly believe that the color we see IS the only color!!! What a shame! If we could only become 'big' enough to allow new ideas into our thinking, and try to 'see' God from another's perspective, we will all be so easily able to then stop the nit-picking and start to enjoy each other!! More importantly, ENJOY GOD much more!!!

    To me, this little 'picture' continually helps me understand not only the varying points of doctrine held by others, but also the change in my own doctrine over time! None of us is completely right, yet also none of us is completely wrong! Let us get on with being 'one body in Christ', and halt the arguing when one may be an arm and another a thigh!

    © 2004 Christine M. Jones
    Christine Jones is married to David. She has two adult children and precious grandchildren. She has worked for many years as a school teacher/librarian, and written children's material for several years in her 'spare time'. She loves nature, music and the theatre.

    John Mark Ministries