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A Moment of Shared Pain

    I spent more than a decade of my life, working
    with animals. Too often, animals in full blown
    seizures, brought on by toxins.
    Animals twisted in a grotesque dance of
    dementia, while I fought for their right to survive,
    with prayers in my heart.
    Animals paler than the faintest pale, losing the
    fight of life, to evils stronger than themselves.
    I got to hating poisons. Poisons of all kinds.
    Wicked, cruel beasts that consumed their victims with
    traumatic terror.
    Kittens, brought in, screaming, and yes, they do
    scream, tubed, IV'd, cascaded with hopeful salvation,
    to combat a war that a baby should never battle.
    Terror, that's all I can say.
    Poisons are terrifying.
    Birds, emaciated past the point of rocognition,
    and the thought still, brings tears to my eyes. I
    suppose, because I know it took time, for them to get
    that way.
    Some don't die quick.
    Evil, non-selective poisons, nestled in our
    homes, our yards, parasitic on our planet.
    Waiting for children, our pets, ourselves.
    I put my boxing gloves on years ago, against
    this enemy. Put yours on too.
    This enemy is after our greatest joys, our most
    priceless treasures. our most beloved angels.
    I'll be damned, if they get mine.
    Please, dont let them get yours.

    I just cant stand to see
                   any more casualities.

    � 2003 CKKirk

    CKKirk spent 7 years as a State and Federal Wildlife Rehabilitator for the State of Georgia. She also served as Senior Vet Tech for an active Animal Hospital in the same state.