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More Than Being
when thankful for faith's vision

    Surrounding-Me Mystery, Within-living Spirit Creator,
      you are more than Being;
      you are Vitality, Wisdom, Caring,
      Inexhaustible Inventiveness, Superabundance of Actuality
      Ocean of Mystery, of Joy and Compassion,
      Inexhaustible Furnace of Energy,
      burning with longing for justice in this world you have made,
      bursting with creativity and delight,
      bearing all the world's pain with infinite compassion.
    I give thanks for your inconceivable strength
      that gives life to the world, radiance to the cosmos, and hope to the future.

    Creator Spirit, loving, guiding, freeing,
      In you we live and move and have our being.

� William Cleary, Prayers to She Who Is