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In all things, CELEBRATE

For too many generations now
People have been consumed
With labeling things
As right or wrong
Success or failure
Good or bad.
For just as many generations
Because of those labels
People have been made to feel
Worthless and downtrodden.
The truth is the greatest strides
Made by any one person
Or generation
Has come
Not out of immediate success
But from the greatest failures
And devastations witnessed.
That's the genius of the Creator
At work through us;
The spirit of humankind seems
To soar and show it's greatest potential
When it would seem that one would
Give up, lay down and die.
So, rather than feel glum about
Something you didn't get right
The first time
Celebrate yourself and
The lessons you learned from it!

� Richard Dean Cook
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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