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My 'Invisible' SoulPartner

My entire life was journey for that 'he' the
invisible soulpartner of mine.

Life is not just this single birth; it is the
birth after birth - janme janme: in birth after
birth. So how can I ever say to you, that you
are older or younger to me.

"For a soul remembers even when the body

So my invisible soulmate, as long as you are
with me I never ask for anything. In you, I see
an youthfull soul and all I feel now not after
seeing you but after I felt that soul!

In time ... my dear invisible soulmate, I want
to hold you close to me. Wondering why I feel
this way. Is it because that is known as the
call of the soul and that no one can stop.

I need to accept the truth. There will be a
reason to feel so connected to you. So far and
yet so close to me. Dreaming you into my life
and knowing that I knew I loved you before so
spontaneously... The invisible rays of destiny.

Hatiku, aku cinta padamu.

It would seem that you and I are the same.
I'am near you in spirit as much as I can. Yes,
dreaming you into my life. Life is to short so
let us enjoy moment to moment.

My soulmate, how I would love to be held again
by you. To smell your hair, to feel you. To have
the romantic union of body and mind and enjoy
rati sugha sare/honey of joy. To mesmerize all of
that and the gentle caresses.

Not only to touch phsyically but also in the
deeper still where there is a well that is finally
able to spring to life and bubbles like a brook.

My soulmate if you would listen than you can hear
the laughter like children in play. There is a joy
never ending.

I will be near you in spirit as much as I can and
in time we will 'Walk in Beauty together.

�2001 Costavina