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Enjoy the creativite writing of other spiritual sisters and share some of your own!

Poetry and Free Verse by Spiritual Sisters


Selections from a passionate poet, Bryna Blosch:

  • A Heart Like Mine by Bryna Blosch
  • The Wall~~Until Walls Come Down, Bridges Cannot be Built by Bryna Blosch
  • Fragile Pages by Bryna Blosch
  • Thank You Lord For This Day by Bryna Blosch
  • Reflection by Bryna Blosch


    Inspiration Poetry from Jeanenne De Domenico along with special messages to her Spiritual Sisters:

  • We Are One by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • Tomorrow by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • Child of Light by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • Dagmar's Journey by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • My Story by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • Inner World by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • I Give You My Life by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • Thy Will Be Done in Me by Jeanenne De Domenico


    If I was never born, there would be no beautiful poems to write

    Linda Ann Henry of linda ann veronica henry (conaway) is presenting her poetry in the bakery surrounded by the wonderful aromas of the fresh pastries.
    Please join Linda for a reading. The latest addition is:

  • If I Was Never Born by Linda Ann Henry
  • Where am I going by Linda Ann Henry
  • God's Art by Linda Ann Henry


  • Finality and Childhood Dreams by Richard Dean Cook
  • Second Childhood by Richard Dean Cook
  • What Makes a Man? by Chris Hoyt
  • But I do know���.! by Nitin Kulkarni
  • Maturity by Chris Hoyt
  • Mama's Extreme Soul Food by Denise R. Black
  • On Celtic Music by Richard Dean Cook
  • Finding Your Place in Faith by Erica Staab
  • A Lesson In Wholeness by Erica Staab
  • GOD, don't let me down! from The Message
  • The Guides by Alyce McDonnell
  • The Snow-Blind by Josephine Johnson
  • Our Gentle God by Lesley Ann Cook
  • Longing by Alyce McDonnell
  • Ode To Margaret's Grandson by Lea McDonald
  • The Door on the Other Side by Richard Dean Cook
  • Nothing in My Way ~ Lewey/Lewy Body Disorder by Dee Ann E. L. Horvath
  • To Sing Magic by Melissa Wadsworth
  • Prayer to Center by Pam Morong
  • The Bible by Alma Norman
  • To Hear It Told by Anna C. Richardson
  • I wanted to dance... by Simmone Power
  • The Mountainside by Ellen M. DuBois
  • God Speaks Quietly by Kathi Toups
  • The Dawning by Sharon O'Neal
  • A Holy Threeness by William Cleary
  • Cup of Life by Rose Coleman
  • On Flying by Richard Dean Cook
  • Salvation by Lynn Winters
  • Surrender by Erica Staab
  • A Balanced Walk in the Woods by the Old Crone
  • I Was Alone by Sharon O'Neal
  • Mother of the Universe by William Cleary
  • Crown of Love by josharon
  • More Than Being by William Cleary
  • True Self by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • Spirit Within Society by William Cleary
  • Soul Wound by Jahva
  • i am a tree by Jahva
  • The Choice is Ours by Martha
  • O Silent Meditation by Diana Donaldson
  • My Soul by Walter Westfall
  • Hurtful Words, Healing Wisdom by Ann Winter
  • When I say "I am a Christian" by Carol Wimmer
  • Still Life in Black and White by Lynn M. Winters
  • To Live is to Forgive by Ann Winter
  • A Marriage Prayer by Connie Hinnen Cook
  • Dance of Autumn by Nancy!~Lotusbud
  • Faith by Richard Dean Cook
  • Love Is Something We Do To Each Other by Dan Kantak
  • Crossing by Bloodpoet
  • A Rose Was Born by Marie Schneider
  • Wondering Why by Terri McPherson
  • Thanks, Mom Contributed by A Mother's Son
  • Sisters Of The Heart by Ruth Gillis
  • In all things, CELEBRATE by Richard Dean Cook
  • U-Turn by Monique Nicole Fox
  • Blood Poetry by Tracie, BloodPoet
  • Emotions by Spiritual Life
  • Come, Sit by our Fire by Tracie, BloodPoet
  • Solitude by Cindy Chuksudoon
  • Humankind - How Limitless in Genius by Michael Levy
  • Smoldering Embers by Cindy Chuksudoon
  • Awakening to Eternity by Stanley J. Borley
  • We Have Common Ground by Jane Mullikin
  • The Truth of the Sisterhood by Debbie Gawrych

  • Quest by John Harricharan

  • Romeo & Juliet by Monique Nicole Fox

  • Walk a Mile by Ellen M. DuBois

  • Two Wrongs Can Never, Never Make a Right by Nitin Kulkarni
  • A Mother's Prayer by Anne Leedom
  • Just be Willing by Rev. Jack & Janet Needham
  • Seeking & Searching by Rev. Miranda V. Lewis

  • My 'Invisible' SoulPartner by Costavina
  • The Beauty of Life by Rev. Jack Needham
  • Cobalt Eagle by Jeanenne De Domenico
  • Give My Soul A Heavenly Hush by Gail McCoig Blanton
  • A Strong Box by Bertha Adams Backus
  • I Am Not One of the Good Girls by Laurel J. Delaney

  • Oh Great Spirit by Lotusbud

  • The Journeyer's Journal by Dalene Entenmann

  • Sisters by Cindy Scott

  • Angel Mail by Cindy Scott

  • A Soul Encounter by Terri McPherson

  • A Contrary View by Terri McPherson

  • The Sun Shining Through by Miranda Lewis

  • Imperfect Comparisons by Terri McPherson

  • You Are A Beautiful Person by Terri McPherson

  • Grandma's Spice Drawer by Lynn Winters

  • The Hands by Ella Render

  • Anxiety by Ella Render

  • A Forgotten Place by Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

  • Aftermath by Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

  • Acceptance by Dee Ann E.L. Horvath

  • Remembered Dreams by Laura Davis

  • Pilgrim by Laura Davis

  • Papa by Laura Davis

  • Creatively Successful Women by Iris Fanning

  • We Are One by Laura Davis

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