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    Living in the Moment

      One of the ways of experiencing the oneness of all beings is to live in the moment. In so doing the past, present and future are coalesced into a point. Remember your geometry! The point has no dimension and yet it is at the centre of all geometry, all architecture, all art and all life. A very potent moment in our life is when we wake up from deep sleep in the morning. I have started paying special attention to this moment. I would like to share my experiences of this Dhyan in this article.

      This practice, to be fruitful, requires some attention to be paid to the process of going to bed. Earlier I used to keep awake till late in the night, partying, watching TV, reading, usually in bed in a crouched position. The last meal would be late in the night and would usually be a concoction of oily and spicy stuff. I would be dog tired ( whatever that means) at the end of the day( mostly late night) and then would hit the deck or crash into bed. Some times I would crash not necessarily in my bed. Waking up used to be torture. I needed the help of others to wake me up. Those who took the trouble on my behalf received only curses from me. I would delay the waking up as long as I could. Finally the day would begin for me with a bad taste and in tearing hurry. Many of you may be sharing this detail, so you can well visualise the kind of life I was leading.

      This is now mostly in the past but the jhutan(soiled mess) is still there in the body and the mind. Therefore, going to bed and waking up are still not as graceful as I would like them to be. Some of the practices I have done away with are partying, late nights, drinking, reading in bed, watching TV before going to sleep, particularly the erotic and violent stuff. The meals are with very little oil and spices. I avoid eating after sunset. The proportion of fruits and salads in the diet is almost 50%. I eat only I am hungry and not by the clock. After eating I am not full. I leave enough space in the stomach for digestion to take place without the gastric juices coming to the throat. These changes I have made gradually, in an experimental mode, being guided by the reaction of the body and the mind. The underlying theme in all the changes is to reduce the excess baggage.

      The result is that I am not dog tired at the end of the day. Sleep today is an important activity like any other. It is an important component of the day. It is like servicing the car regularly. As a result I have the time and energy to pay attention to the details that result in a sound and creative sleep. The bed room needs to be clean and airy. The bed itself should be firm and flat. Whenever possible I sleep in the open under the sky and on the ground. Before going to sleep I may listen to some soft music or I may recite a few shlokas. I sleep on my back with the feet slightly apart and hands by the side palms facing up. I review the day to find out what happened according to plan and what went awry. I would ask forgiveness for all acts without grace. This is rather difficult to begin with but is of great value. If I am facing any problems I request the mind to work on them during the sleep and to suggest answers. I also request the mind to wake me up at a particular time and with a specific state of mind. It is important to make a request. The mind does not take orders. I then start to thank all the body parts, starting from the toes upwards for their generous support inspite of the fact that I often do not take care of them and sometimes abuse them. I slip into deep sleep during this process, so that sometimes the process is not completed.

      When I wake up in the morning I am ready for the day. There is a little bit of stiffness in the body, so I do a bit of stretching of the body in the lying position and then role out of bed. There is a certain amount of lethargy, a remnant of the past abuse, which suggests that I sleep for a little while longer. This voice is very seductive and I have to be very careful not to give in. After getting up I wash my face and come out in the open. The fresh air in the open wipes out the last traces of laziness. I make a resolution to receive happily whatever the day has to offer. This would guide me during the day. This also becomes the touch stone against which the final review would be made in the night.

      If we take care of the first waking moment then the rest of the life is automatically taken care of.

      I recommend this to all of you. Please try it out and send your feed back for the benefit of all.

      With love to all
      � Ganoba


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