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    Insight: LOVE

      I read the following sentence on the message board at the park where I go for the morning walk:

      Do you know that love has nothing to do with the body?

      The idea did not feel quite right. Something was amiss. I continued to walk around the park. After a while the following thought appeared in the mind:

      Love raises the consciousness from its preoccupation with the body to the mind and then to the soul. When preoccupied with the body it appears as lust (or its derivatives, such as passion, pleasure, possessiveness etc.) When it is with the mind it appears as imagination (or its derivatives such as fantasy, illusion, dreams etc.) At these two levels it is not quite rooted and keeps oscillating. Once it reaches the soul (Atman) it manifests as compassion and is universal in its sweep. Eventually it becomes one with God (parameshwar).

      After this revelation I walked on in peace and joy. Love is not an emotion. It is not even a state of mind. It is a state of being. Love is the same as being one with the Supreme Being. It flows like light from the sun, in all directions. It floods every thing that comes into contact with it.

      It is not a transaction, but it makes a transaction fulfilling. It is not an action or an inter-action but it can soak them with grace. Love is not something that happens. We can not make it happen. It is not some thing that is born, reaches a crescendo and then dies. It is not ephemeral. Love just is, just as God is.

      Offered in love
      � Ganoba


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