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God Is Really Showing Out!

    The most extraordinary thing happened to me yesterday. I was walking to the bus stop and about ten feet before I reached the corner, the bus sped past me. I was livid. I had a job interview that morning and could not afford to miss that bus. I began to frantically pray. I asked God to send me someone I knew to take me or for something else to happen.

    Ten minutes passed by and lo and behold another bus was coming toward me. I searched the schedule and double checked my watch and I could find no mention of a bus scheduled to come down 42nd Street at that time. Upon boarding the bus, I asked the driver if she was early. She told me she was not. She then looked at her schedule and exclaimed that "by accident" she came down 42nd Street when she should have gone down 38th. That was no accident. God sent her to pick me up. I had goose bumps following that episode. I needed that. I saw first hand that He really is listening to me!

    This event has shown me first hand what God can do if I ask Him. Being a new Christian, I don�t have much experience with phenomena like what I described above. I have heard people talk about their personal supernatural experiences where God had done something that defies scientific explanation, but my measure of faith at the time was not big enough to allow me to grasp that concept. I thought that their testimonies were nice little stories, but deep down, I did not actually believe that they were true.

    My encounter with God that day was an epiphany. It showed me that all of this God stuff is real. It showed me that He is very real and His Word is real. It was humbling and powerful all at the same time. It showed me that I ain�t it�He is it and so much more. This was a close encounter of the holiest kind. Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus! I feel honored that He loved me enough to reveal Himself to me that day. I feel special. Daddy is looking out for His baby girl.

    �2005 by Denise R. Black