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I often hear people say, "Just walk a mile in my shoes." Heck, I've even said it myself. It wasn't until the other day that I really thought about that statement and what it meant. I think it's always a positive thing to put yourself in someone else's shoes, however, when we start thinking that our own lives are the worst on earth, it's time to gain a little perspective. That's what triggered me into thinking about some of my own "petty" complaints in comparison to what Christ went through and why He went through it. Hence, the birth of this poem.

Walk a Mile

Walk a mile in my shoes
I hear the words pierce the air
I ponder this very deeply
Compelling me this thought to share

Walk a mile in His shoes if you dare
With a crown of thorns raining red
A cross upon which His shoulders bare
Feel the pain as blood is shed

The eyes of hatred and of greed
His back broken heavy with weight
Stones cutting at His feet
Strength throughout His knowing fate

Save the world from its own end
Those threatened by His Love
Travel onward although His friends
Betrayed Him yet He always Loved

Heal the sick while others say
It was a trick and He's a fraud
Your "cross" though heavy it may seem
Until you see the Son of Gods'

� Ellen M. DuBois
Writings of the Heart' Inspiration Page