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The Angel in You

You don't see her, but I do.
Each time your eyes twinkle
I see her in you.

Every time you wipe my tears
With your kind and gentle ways
I see in you an Angel
Sent to smooth the way.

I don't know what I did
To deserve such a friend.
I thank God for you, my dear one
My Angel until the end.

I hope that when you look
To me for comfort and for Love
You see in me an Angel
Sent from up above.

It's the part of us that's giving,
The part that's so refined
The part that's made of only Love
The part that is Divine.

We are Angels to each other
Whenever we lend a hand
Or dry a tear or sooth a wound
It's all part of His plan.

Reach inside your heart
And you will surely find
Part of you that is an Angel-
So loving, warm and kind.

� Ellen M. DuBois
Poem in one of the many beautiful cards to be found at AngelRays