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    The Mountainside

    The Mountain I see before me
    with its cliffs and jagged face
    makes me contemplate my oneness
    and bow my head in grace.

    So majestic is its demeanor
    so intimidating is its height
    and to climb it all alone
    will take all my strength and might.

    My feet slip as I ascend
    so uncertain are my steps
    I look down at the earth below
    and my heart fills with regret.

    Taking on this task alone
    was much more than I could bear
    but I'm halfway up the mountain
    and there's no one who can hear.

    I reach a place of smoothness
    and I rest for just a while
    as the sun sets right before me
    my face adorns a smile.

    Such beauty amidst my strife
    makes me feel a warmth inside
    and I find the strength to push
    my feet up the Mountainside.

    For a while the going's easy
    and then I come upon
    a cliff too steep for climbing
    and I wonder what went wrong?

    I contemplate my position
    as I gaze in such despair
    thinking that I must give up-
    my strength no longer there.

    My tears form a waterfall
    down the Mountainside
    as I grasp the jagged edge
    clinging onto my own pride.

    To ask for help is something
    I feel too proud to do
    until my footing slips
    and I feel my life unglue.

    "Dear God", I cry to the heavens,
    "I cannot climb this Mountainside."
    And then I heard a voice
    which gave me faith instead of pride.

    "You were never alone, my Child
    as you climbed this Mountainside.
    I was always here beside you
    never leaving your dear side."

    "But I don't deserve your help.
    I thought I could do it alone.
    I thought I could handle anything-
    even this Mountain made of stone."

    "When will you realize,
    that there's nothing you can do-
    that will make me leave your side;
    for I'll always help you through."

    I felt my grip grow firm.
    I felt my legs grow strong-
    and suddenly I knew
    that I was very strong.

    I'm not alone on this Mountain-
    I'm not alone on the Sea-
    For God's hand is always there-
    Reaching out to me.

    As I gazed upon the earth
    atop the Mountainside-
    I felt so very Loved-
    As God stood by my side.

    � Ellen M. DuBois

    The Mountainside