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My Miracle on 38th Street

    A Special Issue

    This month's Vantagepoints essay is a first - it is the first issue in seven years that I haven't written. This issue was written in the last few days by the newest person on my Discian Group team, Holly Powers. The move she speaks of became necessary when she joined the team. Please enjoy learning with Holly, like I have. Have a wonderful holiday season. I'll be back with you next month. Kevin :)

    My car was loaded down with clothing and two trucks full of my furniture were following not far behind. I was making another move - another big change for me. This time from the corn fields of Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana. Excitement flowed through me as I marveled at the snow falling on my windshield.

    I pulled into my new apartment complex and headed to the leasing office to pick up my key. A friendly face was there to greet me at the door. "Now Holly I need to caution you that there have been recent reports of break-ins," Tarrie said. She explained that the stories were not consistent and the authorities believed connections were involved. Due to company policy, Tarrie was not able to give me much more information than that. She assured me police lived on the property and would frequently patrol the area. Tarrie also reminded me that my apartment was upstairs which was better for safety.

    I thanked Tarrie for her honesty as worry began to settle in my mind. When my friends arrived to help me with the boxes and furniture, I told them of the security scare. They reminded me that I should always use caution and be aware of my surroundings. I agreed. After all I have always been cautious and queen of locking doors. I just didn't want to feel nervous about the move when I had yet to step one foot into my new apartment.

    I tried not to worry as we began the dreadful task of unloading box after box. All the while though, the break-in story stayed fresh in my mind. I did manage to get a good night's sleep but awoke thinking about the break-ins. There was lots of shopping to be done and I knew my worry would have to wait. A good friend suggested traveling about one mile to 38th Street for good food and shopping. I had a list and I was ready. I was not prepared for the miracle I would receive.

    Every place Cory and I went people were so kind, so happy. Starting with Red Lobster where the greeter looked sincerely happy to see us. The waiter was attentive, fast and friendly. Another waitress, with a big grin, gave me great directions to Pier One. The Staple's salesman was funny and kept saying witty things to get us to buy. The woman at the check-out counter at Target thanked me for being patient while she learned how to work her register. And the salesman at Office Depot - let's just say I could not make a decision on office furniture and he did not seem to mind. His patience was amazing. Even the random man that approached Cory for money said please and thank you.

    After a day of shopping, I was no longer worried about my safety. I was reminded that good people live everywhere. I felt good about the change I was making. I looked forward to the positive relationships I would build. I became excited at the thought of making new friends. My confidence in people was restored. Worry no longer consumed my thoughts. I was smiling inside and out. On what could have been a stressful day of shopping and adjusting to change, I received my miracle just a mile down the road on 38th Street.

    - Holly Powers

    We can all find miracles everywhere in our lives. Holly found hers by taking action and being open to the kindness of others. Looking for a miracle on your street? Use Holly's approaches and prepare for the miracles!

    Yours in Learning,

    Kevin :)

    Kevin Eikenberry
    The Discian Group

    Kevin Eikenberry is a speaker, trainer, author, and President of the Discian Group - a learning consulting company committed to helping Organizations, Teams, and Individuals reach their performance goals through learning. For information about the Discian Group or its products and services, visit our website at Discian.com

    � Copyright 2003, Discian.com. All rights reserved.


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