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What is Personal Spiritual Power?
by Joseph Eliezer

One of the biggest if not THE biggest stumbling blocks on the way to consciousness is understanding what is spiritual power. For some, having spiritual power means the ability to heal people by merely thinking about them. For others, it is the ability to morph raw materials into something other than what they were before. Some people believe that if they bury objects in certain places they can influence the outcome of certain events. I once met a person who believed that they could change weather patterns. That was at least until they had to prove it.

Now, I'm not a nay sayer when it comes to seeing what seems physically unlikely. In my own home I have seen objects move by themselves and certain apparitions appear. The point that I'm trying to make is that any time I've tried to make things happen according to my will. I've come up with nada. Have you ever tried to move an object with your mind or tried to mentally draw a person to you? How often have the end results been exactly what you thought they would be?

This guy I know used to dabble in the black arts. I don't know exactly what he did, but any time I have ever come close to that sort of thing, everything inside my body says, come on, really? You can't be serious. Not once have I ever seen him manifest what he wanted.

The reason why people try this to begin with is because they want to exert some sort of control over a person or event. And you can count on the underlying reason for this kind of behavior is that the person doing the manipulating is avoiding having to face something within themselves. This is usually the drawing card to participating in such rituals, to the degree where they have more perceived power than actual contact with the divine. I've only seen that sort of thing backfire. Only.

Personal Spiritual Power has nothing to do with making MR. or MRS. right show up on your doorstep without going through the nervousness of having to invite them to dinner. Personal Spiritual Power is about having the integrity to know how to approach MR/MRS right while being strong enough to know how to be vulnerable without being a victim.

Personal Spiritual Power is the ability to have the courage to go inside of yourself and see how you truly feel about a situation and then, acting on those feelings with integrity. What kind of spiritual practice is it when you do not get what you want in life and as a result, rather than looking within to see why you got the results you did then changing your approach accordingly, you try to manipulate the object of your affection or desire? That is NOT spirituality, dear reader. That is not being in your power or in integrity, which is one of the qualities of power. That is deceit. And when you are out there trying to learn from a supposed master/ High priestess, Guru, whatever, and you are being forced to behave in a way that your gut says "I don't know about this" and you behave against what you feel is right, then you are then crossing the line between what is learning and what is abuse. And I'm not talking about big or small experiments, I'm talking about staying clear of being hurt or being manipulated because there is absolutely no shortage of people who have been traumatized in the name of Spiritual power. Just pick up a newspaper.

Personal Spiritual power is about honesty, inner wisdom and compassion amongst other things and the ability to integrate these qualities into your nature so that over time, they become you. Imagine if you were a piano player and you had just started to take lessons. It would take a while before you were able to grow into being a concert pianist. So too is it with Personal Spiritual Power. It starts by just simply paying attention to your gut and learning to act on that with confidence and integrity and it grows from there. It takes time.

As a person who is seeking to be at one with their own power and the universe, you know, without question, that if something does not go the way you want it to then there is a good reason for it. Because you believe that there is a reason for everything. All you need to know is that what you wanted didn't happen, and because you have faith, and you know that Spirit is behind all things, that you are meant to move on and do what is next required of you in order for you to go forward. You also know that if what you wanted to happen didn't, then something better or more appropriate is on the way for you. Something better than you could even imagine! You do not try to manipulate life so that the Gods work according to what YOU want. That's not Spiritual Power. That's garbage.

Yours in Spirit

� 2000-2002 Joseph Eliezer
1111 Spirit Road