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Being In Love

    Seldom do you hear a leather spinster describe herself as "being in love" because it's assumed that's a condition for couples. How unfortunate, because "being in love" is also another way of saying you love being alive. In the act of disassociating ourselves from "being in love" we miss out on experiencing the unhindered beauty life has to offer.

    Let's be clear, the "being in love" of which I speak is the excitement of being alive in which a joyful bond is created between the universe and other people. Doesn't matter if this bond is between a husband and wife, best friends, or siblings. People radiate when they feel love, and the glow intensifies when they are in the presence of those they cherish. Their radiance reflects what they feel inward, all that is wonderful and right with the world.

    I've always been curious as to why few can see the beauty that surrounds them daily. I can sum up the reasons for their blindness in one sentence. People spend the majority of their day expecting only the worst from fellow human beings and the world in which they live.

    Living only expecting the worst leaves one sensitive to the negative and not the positive that the world has to offer, you would think the opposite would be true for the majority but it's not. So when a husband and wife casually stroll through the park admiring the flowers, or two sisters sit at a local coffee bar joyfully conversing on the sunlit patio they are appreciating their love of life or "being in love".

    So the next time you wander out into the world be sure and pay attention to the good displayed in the world, especially of your fellow human beings. Allow those images to make a positive impact on your day. Remember, continued awareness of the positive in your daily affairs will raise your spiritual thermastat.

    "Being in love with life is the ultimate mental state."

    � Regena English