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    Healing Silence

      Find a sacred space where you are able to hold yourself more gently. Let the healing silence enfold you.

      As you breathe in and out release the heaviness that burdens your soul, let go of the should's and ought to's that have you held down.

      In this magic moment let the silence become your friend, let the quiet rush of love hold your healing heart, soothing the bumps and bruises you have collected this day and others like this.

      In this sacred space,

      ~~honor your body, it has carried you through this day,

      ~~honor your spirit, it has remained unbroken in times of great pain,

      ~~honor your laughter, it has helped you through many tough moments,

      ~~honor your tears, they are cleansing for your spirit,

      ~~honor your sadness, it has many lessons to share,

      ~~honor your mistakes, learn from them,

      ~~honor your resilience, you have survived much,

      ~~honor your healing, allow it time.

      We have dishonored ourselves too often, in this space only allow healing, wholeness and silence to enter. Begin and end each day with healing silence and honor towards your spirit, your self.

      � Erica Staab Westmoreland
      Writer, thinker, reader, liver and lover of life.