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Finding Your Place in Faith

    For those who have been hurt by religion,
    scarred by the debris of their beliefs crashing down,
    harmed by the worlds uttered by others in vengeance or spite,
    ignorance or willful dismissal of who you are.
    I invite you.

    I invite you exactly where you are at right now.

    I invite you to get rid of your old ideas about faith.
    I invite you to discard all that you knew.
    And to in that moment of apprehension decide to take one more step towards the Mystery.
    In that moment you will be met, by the God of Your Understanding.

    Don�t let their words tie down God,
    Listen to your experience.

    Don�t let them put parameters on something that is larger than life as we know it.
    Feel the expansiveness of the questions without answers.

    Don�t let their hypocrisy be the last that you think about God.
    Be the one to stand in the midst of the sacred and release your need to prove what is true to everyone else.

    I invite you to let go of your need for their approval.
    You have the right to decide for yourself.

    I invite you to expand your ideas about faith, compassion and love.
    Become what you seek, it is within you.

    You can choose to pick up anything that still serves you, that you know in the deepest part of your being to be true.
    You have been given gifts greater than you know,
    And all that is desired is that you become all that you are.
    So dance with me,
    Sing with me,
    Rejoice with me.
    Together we will find healing and hope.
    You are never alone.

    � Erica Staab Westmoreland
    Writer, thinker, reader, liver and lover of life.